Are you girls ready to try an achingly cute’do? Well, here’s a super-exciting hair love story that will make your knees grow weak. It certainly bewitched us! This is definitely one of the most beautiful and most adorable styles we have seen lately. Therefore, if you want to try something rather unexpected, a sweetheart braid is a great choice. It looks pretty and it takes just a few minutes to achieve at home. Oh, and you don’t need help as you can easily do it yourself. So simple to create, this ‘do adds a head-turning touch to your appearance. Check it out and go for it!

For inspiration, you can have a nosey at Reagan’s from Hairdresser On Fire tutorial or just take a peek at Christina’s from Hair Romance images. The sweetheart braid is fuss-free yet incredibly wow-worthy and its cutesy makes this style anything but boring! We are irremediably in love!!!

Gorgeous Reagan from Hairdresser On Fire came up with this sweet, unique look and shows us how to make it in no time. We’re not going to lie, this braid is not just extremely wearable and versatile but also sexy and romantic. Okay lovelies, let’s begin creating this style! But, before we start, you should know that Reagan advises us to try this braid as a full updo if we are looking for something more formal. Besides, she says to backcomb the crown for a more “grown up” finish.

So, first step is to section off the top half of your hair. Next, split the top half into two sections and braid them. Once plaited, you can loop each braid and pin in place in order to make the top of your heart. As a final step, pin the bottom of the braids to create a point. If your braids are too long, you can fold them in half. Done! Now you’re ready to win somebody’s heart!

Well, it’s time to think beyond simple side braids and opt instead for something different and more eye-catching. Try this sweetheart braid and dare to be fabulous! Reagan worked in big and small hair salons in NYC for the last 6 years and she is mostly inspired by the 60’s “because of the hugeness” and the 70’s “because of the softness”. She reveals that her top five hair idols are Bridget Bardot, Julie Christie, Blake Lively, Sienna Miller and Barbie. Could she be any sweeter? Now, show her some love on Facebook!

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