No one can deny the fact that bows are extremely lovely! Smaller or bigger, on clothes or accessories, a bow always adds an irresistible feeling of maximum cutesy. Now, what about trying this adorable adornment on something else? What about daring a playful yet surprisingly chic low bow bun? Even though it might seem rather complicated, the truth is that you can easily achieve it at home. Oh, and you don’t need professional tools or skills!

We’ve spotted this gorgeous ‘do at celebrities and on the runway as well as in Collette Dinnigan’s fall 2012 collection. We have also stumbled upon Rose’s version from and we were instantly hooked. She manages to create a looser, elegant and oh-so-cute low bow bun that works great for daytime but also for more formal occasions.

Collette Dinnigan Fall 2012Collette Dinnigan Fall 2012

So, you should start by backcombing your hair at the crown. Well, this is not necessary unless you want a result with a little bit of volume. You can also add a headband as Rose did or just smooth down the front section and tuck it behind your ear. Next, gather your hair into a low ponytail and separate it into three equal sections. Make sure you pin the middle section up so it won’t bother you while creating the bow.

Yes, now it’s time to have fun and get the look we want. Oh, don’t worry as it is as simple as saying ‘bow’! In fact, the number one reason why we love this ‘do is the fact that it takes just a few minutes to be achieved despite its apparent complexity. So, take one section of the pony and wrap it around your palm or roll it on the curling iron. Firmly attach to your head the loop you’ve created, near the ponytail base, and use some bobby pins to secure it.

Now you have half of your bow! Create the other half repeating the same steps you’ve already done. Make a similar loop and pin it into place. To finish the bow, let that middle piece down and pull it up pinning it firmly at the top of the base of the pony. Next, flip that piece down through the middle of the bow and secure it below the base of the ponytail, out of sight. Apply some hair spray!

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