A perfectly polished hairstyle can do wonders for your overall image, so become a hair style icon by learning how to create intricate hairstyles with a minimum amount of effort. A classy ‘do such as a knotted chignon can be a perfect party season hairstyle to try if you have a medium to long hair length, and learning the steps to styling this particular updo won’t take too much effort or time, so take a peek at our pick of best DIY salon-look hair styling tutorial created by Lilith Moon and give your locks a ‘styleover’ fit for formal or informal occasions.

This party-season knotted updo looks amazing and can be created on various hair textures but if you’re looking for a total glam effect, opt for a sleek straight hair texture instead as this way the intricate looking knots will be enhanced to perfection, making the visual effect worthy of a diva. This high-fashion hairstyle will definitely make you stand out of the crowd from the office to the dance-floor, so start working your hair to perfection by styling it sleek straight and detangling it o make it easier to work with. If you have fine hair, apply a bit of styling mousse on your locks as this will provide adherence and extra hold, so your cool knotted chignon won’t come undone easily.

Starting from the crown of the head, separate the hair horizontally, going from one temple to another and then separate the hair into two. Next, smooth the hair and create a stylish knot by passing one of the strands under-over-back under again before proceeding just like you would when styling a cool French-braid by taking hair from each part and adding it to the hair strand closest to it and then continue to style another knot.

Try to keep the knots centered by feeling with your fingers the line of the hair as you style. Repeat the steps until you’ve reached the nape of the neck, taking hairs from both sides of the head (as symmetrically as possible) and adding them to the hair strands you’re using to create the knots with.

Once you’ve reached the nape of the neck, secure the hair using a thin hair elastic and from now on your options are numerous. You can opt to create various styles depending on your mood, meaning you can opt for a slightly different approach every time you wish by keeping the hair waved into a cool poly, by creating a cool twisted updo or by keeping things simple and braiding the hair then wrapping it around the base of the elastic before securing it in place using bobby pins.

This is a look that works wonders from day to evening, so keep your hair simple or amp up the glam factor by adding hair accessories to the look, depending on what you feel like doing with your locks. Finish by applying a bit of hair spray for extra hold and smooth out any flyaway hairs and dust on some shine spray if you wish to make your locks look glossier than ever.

This technique brings fabulous hair to your fingertips, so start styling and get your locks looking like those of an off-duty supermodel!

Snapshots via YouTube