Glam hair lengths never go out of style as they provide endless styling options to take advantage of and one of these fab hair styling options that is timeless and that works wonders on all hair textures is the low bun. The secret to styling a gorgeous low bun sits in both the skill of the one doing the styling as well as the correct order of the steps that lead to the fab updo. Practice to perfect your skills and learn the proper steps to styling a gorgeous low bun by taking a peek at the hair styling process put on display by bloggers Essie and Emma from ‘a Beautiful Mess‘.

A low bun hairstyle has a certain simplicity and elegance that makes it a timeless choice for beauty and hair enthusiasts, and since polishing the hair to perfection has become a definite must for those who care about their image, experimenting with a chic and trendy low bun can be a great idea to take into consideration.

To start, separate the hair at the crown of the head and tease the hair to amp-up the volume as thick hair has become a huge trend and this way you’ll be able to give the back of the head a perfect shape without having the hair sticking to the scalp, especially if you have thin hair.

After you’ve teased hair with a fine tooth tail comb, gently and superficially brush the hair into a low ponytail, all while concentrating to allow the hair to maintain its puffiness at the back, giving it a certain retro allure.

Use the comb’s tail to lift the hair to a perfectly symmetric shape and secure the ponytail using a hair elastic. If you have fine hair, you’ll need to make sure your bun has enough volume so you don’t end up with a minuscule bun, and to do so, you’ll need to separate the ponytail in half and tease the upper half using the comb.

Then, flip the pony up in half, exposing the unteased part and secure the hair at the base of the ponytail using two bobby pins placed from opposite directions for extra hold and continue by wrapping the loose ends around the base, securing them if possible under the ponytail’s base using bobby pins.

Finish the look by giving a soft wave to any loose strands (if you have layered hair, you’ll have a few strands coming loose), using a curling iron and apply a bit of shine spray to enhance the beauty of your gorgeous locks.

This look is a perfect option for both day and evening, so give it a try and see if it suits your personality and style!

Photos courtesy of a Beautiful Mess