The vast hair styling options long hair provides has always won the hearts of women as styling the locks differently every time can maintain an ever-fresh allure that can make compliments pour. One of the most elegant and classy looks you can experiment with is given by the cool reverse crown braid updo. Learning how to style this fabulous updo can be a breeze if you’ve already mastered the French hair braiding technique and you can style a braid at the nape of the neck without too much effort, but if you’re not too skilled at hair braiding you can ask a friend to give you an extra hand as styling the hair to perfection will not take more than 5 minutes. Blogger Katie from Skunkboy Blog demonstrated this technique for ABeautifulMess editors Elsie and Emma and the result is just divine!

Because the oh-so-stylish look is given by the braid itself, it’s best if you style this type of braid on sleek straight or slightly wavy hair, to enable the gorgeous braid to do its magic. Perfect for day to evening and for women who adopt a vintage, bohemian-chic style but not only, this type of updo will dare you to resist it once you give it a try, so test your skills and style your locks to perfection by following these quick and easy steps to a head turning braided updo.

If you have layered hair or bands, make sure you separate them from the hair you’re going to braid as pulling the hair strands out after braiding will ruin your hairstyle, so start by separating any hair you wish to allow to fall gently and naturally around your face. Next, take a chunky piece of hair just above the ear and divide it into three equal parts which you’ll start braiding as regular for about an inch before you’ll start to take individual hair strands and add it to the middle strands as you braid across the nape of the neck.

Once you’ve included all the rest of the loose hair into your braid, continue braiding simply until you reach the ends of your locks. Secure the ends with a thin hair elastic and gently fold the braid until you reach the scalp, slightly tucking it in the braid. Use a few bobby pins to secure the tucked hair in place and voila! A fabulous braided updo in minutes.

TIP: If you observe a high concentration of flyaway hairs (especially if you have layered hair), spritz a bit of hairspray on the locks and gently smooth the hairs to give the look a flawless appearance.

Photos by ABeautifulMess