Coontails are very popular when it comes to scene hairstyles. They can be made in different colors and they all look great. Here are some tips to help you make your own coontails

Coontails are very popular among girls with scene hairstyles. This coloring technique allows you to create horizontal stripes in your hair.

Scene coontails can be of various colors, blue and blonde, red and blonde, black and blonde, pink and blonde whatever color combination you want. The technique is not complicated at all, it is very simple actually.
Here is what you need before you begin to make your coontails:

- peroxide and bleach powder if you have a dark base hair color
- another color of hair dye if blonde is your base color
- hair straightener if your hair isn't naturally straight
- scotch tape
- brush

Separate a section of hair on which you will make the coontails. Secure the rest of the hair with a scrunchy or pins so it won't get in the way. Make sure that the hairs in the desired section are the same length. Straighten your hair using a flat iron if your hair isn't naturally straight.

coontailsCoontails Hairstyle

Take bits of scotch tape, enough to cover both sides of the section of hair you selected and wrap it around the hair section. Take another scotch tape and wrap it around lower. Keep doing the same and make sure you are leaving an equal distance between the tapes. Conditioner applied on the taped parts will prevent the hair from dyeing.

Take the dye, read the instructions and prepare the mixture. Prepare it in a plastic bowl, never in a metallic bowl. Put the plastic gloves on and apply the dye using a tinting brush over the non taped hair while holding the end of the tape with the other hand so the dye doesn't get between the tape.

Look at the time and wait for the dye to develop - each hair dye has the time of development written on the instructions. After the recommended waiting period rinse your hair and remove the scotch tape. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner. Dry your hair, straighten it if necessary and your coontails are ready to be revealed.

- hair dye will stain your skin as well as your clothes so wear something you won't mind if it gets stained. Apply Vaseline to your neck and ears so the dye won't stain your skin.

- color you coontails with wash-out/temporary hair dye first, to see whether you like the result.

- you can also make coontails with clip-in extensions if you don't want to bleach or dye your hair.