A chignon hairstyle is basically a twisted bun that is created at the back of the neck. This sexy updo has many different versions from classic to side-swept or messy. The name of this specific hairstyle comes from the French term “chignon du cou”, meaning “nape of the neck”. Chignon is a fantastic versatile hairstyle and a great choice for formal occasions and casual events as well as for all hair types and hair textures. This trendy updo is softer and looser than the classic buns, making it a really feminine and fashionable hairstyle for this season.

If you want to sport this hairstyle, you should have medium or long hair. Creating a trendy chignon will be pretty easy by following our guide. Once you have mastered the art of creating this sassy bun, you will able to pull off a sexy chignon in a few seconds and you will surely gain some admiring glances. This classy, alluring and easy hairstyle promises a trendy look you’ll want to rock this summer. Follow our tips and get ready to create a fabulous chignon right at home.

First of all, start off by washing your hair and letting it air-dry. Detangle your hair and apply a small amount of styling mousse in order to guarantee a long-lasting finish. Get rid of your unruly flyaways with an anti-frizz serum so that you can create a perfect chignon. For a formal look, make sure that your hair is entirely smooth, while for a casual style, you can leave your hair softer and looser, with a few strands left out in the front.

Continue with arranging your hair into a low ponytail, placed at the nape of your neck. If you have a layered haircut, you can pin the shorter side layers using trendy hairpins. When your ponytail is ready, you can opt for various chignon styles. You can twist the ponytail into a tight spiral, lifting the tail up and coiling it around the base.

Once you have created a chignon, you can tuck the ends of hair under the bun and secure the chignon with some bobby pins on both sides. Insert the pin into your hair, rotate it and then push it carefully through the base of the chignon. Another great choice is to wrap your hair in a knot, pulling the hair through itself and the knot is ready. However, if you want to obtain a more exciting chignon hairstyle, divide the ponytail into two segments and wrap each of these in a different direction around the base of the ponytail. Fix your chignon with bobby pins, similarly to the first style. Depending on the occasion and your personal preferences, you can create looser, messy buns that are perfect for everyday wear or classy, smooth styles to match special occasions. If you want to add a stylish flavor to your hairstyle, create a fabulous side swept chignon for a youthful, party look.

Smooth down the unruly hairs with a toothbrush and finish off your look with hairspray to create a long-lasting chignon that will make you look fabulous all day long. Dare to experiment with various chignon styles in order to find those that work the best for your features and personal style. Add some pizzazz to your look by using some funky hair accessories and decorations such as trendy flowers or chic hair pins.