We love these hot high volume hairstyles that hair stylists are promoting in 2013 as big locks styled to perfection cannot but exude glamor. These are the type of hairstyles that have the power to make traffic stop regardless if you’re channeling your inner rock’n’roll diva or you’re planning on going all demure as there’s a certain sexy chicness exuded by new season high volume locks. The best thing about big coiffures: they are perfect for women with both medium and long hair lengths!

Now, there are numerous ways to amp up the volume of your locks – teasing the hair is just one of them but you can also turn towards the use of hair volumizing products and the use of hair extensions (method numerous women prefer) as they all work if your hair is normal to thick. Women with fine, limp hair might find it difficult to maintain volume and even if the result is achieved there’s a chance your hair will look even rarer, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Test out various hair extension types and see which one works wonders.

Those of you that are ready to make your normal to thick hair look oh-so-glam should definitely browse through the following hot high volume hairstyles and recreate your fave looks!

Hot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by Roco

High Volume Updos

Updos look amazing when styled on voluminous hair and fortunately there are variations you can choose from so you can wear your hair up and still look different whenever you desire. Our suggestions? An inverted French braid that looks retro chic, a high volume ballerina bun, a cool French twist or a seductive sophisticated chignon that you can keep simple or pair it with cool braided sections for an even more elegant look!

The Beehive and Side Swept Hairstyles

Brought back by the late Amy Winehouse, the Beehive was given a totally glam approach by keeping this a bit more low key. Tease the hair and push the hair a bit upwards to create a pouf before you pin the rest of the hair close to the nape of the neck and voila! A stylish hairstyle that gives you a vintage chic allure capable of making heads turn.

Now, if you’re looking for something more simple just pump up the volume and pin the hair on one side of the head using bobby pins to create a cool retro side swept hairstyle that looks fabulous styled on sleek straight and curly hair.

Hot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by Spoiled Hairdressing Hot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by Cloud NineHot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by UnknownHot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by NHF

Loose & Natural

Need a change of style but don’t want to do anything out of the ordinary with your locks? Then keep things simple and make the best out of your locks by amping up the volume, parting your hair as desired and flicking the ends of your hair slightly outwards using a flat iron or just create subtle curls or waves as these textures will add more glamor to your look so you can still keep things relaxed yet totally hot!

Hot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by Unknown Hot High Volume Hairstyles for Summer 2013Hair by McIntyres

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