A super sexy coiffure can make all the difference as far as beauty and style goes, so no wonder that hair stylists have gone overboard with styling and created amazing new hairstyles to suit women with various hair lengths and personalities. Update your look by recreating these hot 2012 hairstyle ideas and experience the seductive power of high-end looking hairstyles.

Obtaining a voguish look is definitely not difficult if you have the right tools and products on standby, so if you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd in 2012, the following hair styling ideas will surely pose as great beauty and style boosters. From classy chic to uber-glamorous up styles, the new hair styles of the season will surely make you the center of attention at any event.

Hair by Marcello Moccia at Room 97Hair by Inanch LondonHair by Sascha Mascolo-Tarbuk and Toni & Guy Hair by HOB Salons Creative Team

Vintage waves and old Hollywood glam curls look amazing and can definitely make you look like a true diva. These curls/waves are a fantastic choice to underline sensuality and elegance, and their classic line suits women with most face shapes. Versatile and perfect for both casual as well as formal occasions, vintage waves and glam curls can surely help you step out of the ordinary and make heads turn. Create your gorgeous glam coiffure using a triple barrel hair waver or heated hair rolls and gently brush the locks using a flat bristle brush to encourage the waves to receive a bit of volume. You can go with soft or well defined curls/waves as either way the effect will be the targeted one: glamour locks.

Hair by RoCo Creative TeamHair by GeorgeHair by Carolina RosenbergerHair by Colournation Art Team

The fishtail plate created on textured hair never loses its style, so if you have the right hair length, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Swish your hair on the side and create a super fab fishtail braid or create a gorgeous classic updo and wrap a braid over as a headband for a super fab elegant effect. Other braid styles incorporated throughout the hair can help achieve an equally stylish effect, so if you love casually chic styles that can easily be obtained at home, don’t hesitate to give various braid styles a try. The power ponytail is definitely a must if you have super long hair. The high fashion allure the hairstyle exudes has the power to take you out of the crowd and this is definitely the effect that every fashionista wants to achieve. Pull your hair high, secure it and brush the loose hairs to get a perfectly smooth pony.

Another great way to make a glam statement is to amp-up the hair volume and flick the ends of your hair. This all glam effect is super easy to achieve using a flat iron, so after you blow dried your hair straight using a round brush take individual hair strands and clamp on a flat iron close to the ends, turn and smooth through to flick the hair, giving it a certain ‘Charlie’s Angels’ look. If you lose sleek straight hair, don’t hesitate to straighten your locks, just make sure you keep a high volume as poker straight hair is out!

Hair by Marcello Moccia at Room 97 Hair by Marcello Moccia at Room 97Hair by Jasmine Redstone for Rush HairHair by RoCo Creative Team