How to get a fabulous party hairstyle in 5 minutes!

Go for high glamour this holiday with a sexy and easy to do updo hairstyle – accessorize with rhinestone hair clips for a luxe appearance or headbands for a casual look.

All you need is: hair styling mousse, bobby pins, rhinestone clips or other hair accessories, hairspray.

How to style it

Scrunch mousse through hair and blast with the hairdryer as you work the hair between your fingers.

Ruffle the front layers to keep it messy but flat. Tease a bit at the crown, then take back lengths.

Part hair into several, uneven pieces. Twist together and secure at the nape of the neck with bobby pins.

Finish the look with hairspray and pin in rhinestone, jeweled hair clips or a thin headband for a casual look.

How to do an easy hairstyle for Christmas party


It’s better to work with day-old hair when creating a “messy” look – especially that requires pinning.