Part of a growing subculture that promotes uniqueness over conformism, hipsters are cosmopolitans that create trends. If you’re looking for the best hipster hairstyles for girls, be aware that looks alone do not make you a hipster. If you’re simply bored of traditional hairstyles, check out a few hipster haircuts that can give you an edgier look.

Looking effortless is the cornerstone of being a hipster so stay away from well coiffed hairstyles that are well-defined and hard to maintain. Try a few authentic hipster hairstyles for girls.

Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls

Hipster Hairstyle: Messy Shag

The easiest hipster look to pull off is the messy shag that looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Getting soft layers helps define the gyspy shag haircut without making it too mainstream and maintenance is generally easy.

Grow your hair and add volume with layers without using too many hair products. If they become an absolute daily necessity and special blow drying is involved, your messy ‘do will look anything but effortless.

Hipster Haircuts: Retro Dos

Get inspiration for your hipster hairstyle from retro haircuts for women that are still fashionable without being too mainstream. You can try the beehive or bouffant hairstyles of the ’60s or go back even further for longer hair worn in a natural way. Avoid any hipster hairstyle that has already penetrated the mainstream and is sported by at least a few celebrities.

Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls Hipster Hairstyles for Girls

Hipster Haircuts: Spiky Pixie

The super short pixie can make for a cool look, but if you prefer your hair longer don’t cut it into the classic pixie look. Leave it a bit longer on top and get a few messy spikes using hair pomade and running your fingers through your hair.

Hipster Hairstyles: Mohawk

If shaving the sides of your head for a traditional mohawk hairstyle seems like overkill, get a hipster hairstyle with a unique fauxhawk. Use pins or very little hair gel to slick back your sides and get some volume on top without going for a well defined look.

Hipster Girls: Twisted Pullbacks

A simple way to wear you hair according to your hipster aesthetic involves simple variations on the twisted pullback. Pull sections of the hair above your ear, twist them and pin them to the back of your head. Get an asymmetrical look with a different number of twists on each side, for one of the hipster hairstyles for girls that’s easy to wear whether you have medium or long hair.

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