Black hair color has always looked very attractive and classical but, with the help of hair highlights the hair receives a completely different look. Find out which color highlights look great and complement black hair color so you can look stylish every single second.

Black hair color has always been a hair color appreciated by women because of the mysterious look it helps to create. A hair color which can suit most skin types from fair skin complexion to tanned skin, black hair color looks hot.

Because the intense dark coloration of black hair color can be for some girls just too much, you can opt for a more stylish and interesting option, which is creating hair highlights on black base hair color. Hair highlights come in a variety of colors and they create an astonishing effect which gives a completely different look to the hairstyle. Creating hair highlights on black hair color can be a bit difficult to perform on your own as black hair color is difficult to remove and the hair highlights might result faded. Hairstylists can remove the black coloration from the hair strands that will be highlighted using different colors, so it is highly recommended to turn to the help of a hairstylist for highlighting your hair.
Because black hair color works beautifully with all color highlights, choose from the following hair highlights colors to match your dark tresses:

red highlights blonde highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights
Black hair color works beautifully with fire red hair highlights as it is known that there is a certain sexiness related to this color combo. Red highlights created on black hair that have a very vivid coloration enhance the contrast and the cut of the hairstyle.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights
This type of hair color combination is among the most preferred out of all black hairstyles with highlights. The hair can receive platinum blonde to caramel colored highlights depending on how intense the contrast is desired. Caramel highlights cooperate beautifully with black hair color as they are among the most popular hair highlights created.

purple highlights multiple highlights highlights highlights

Black Hair with Purple Highlights
Purple is the color of the season and purple highlights look unbelievably hot on black hair color. Purple softens the dark coloration of the hair conferring it a little bit of warmth. Choose highlights on your entire hair or highlight only your bangs for a more subtle approach.

Black with Multicolor Highlights
Black hairstyles work beautifully with multicolor hair highlights as the variety of colors gives a bit of a fun twist to the hair. Choose different color hair highlights from blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, red, orange, etc. You can choose two or more shades depending on the desired result.