When it comes to complex, elegant yet highly practical hairstyles, updos are always a great choice. Depending on the level of skill of every person as well as the occasion, updo hairstyles can be customized in a variety of ways. High updos are a highly practical choice for those who like bold hairstyles that don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Before choosing an updo hairstyle you should be aware that in many cases the facial features are completely exposed, which means that it will be very difficult to hide flaws from this area. However, high updos can have a great face slimming effect due to the added height that tends to elongate the face.

Creating high updos can be more or less complicated depending on the style you choose. One of the simplest ways to create a high updo hairstyle is to first create a high ponytail and then style that ponytail into a cute bun. This hairstyle is particularly useful when you want something simple and classical and that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If you have more time, you can add more elements to make the hairstyle a little more sophisticated. A good example is to add one or two thin braids to show a little more complexity.

When it comes to special occasions, it can be useful to think what influences you might want your hairstyle to have. If you decide you want your hairstyle to have a vintage vibe combined with casual yet modern touches, you will have to take a completely different approach than if you wanted a more romantic updo hairstyle. Deciding beforehand about what you want makes things a whole lot less frustrating and allows you to enjoy the whole experience more because you can make preparations in advance instead of letting circumstance dictate your decisions.

If you are planning to use hair accessories, you should also think how to incorporate them in your hairstyle to be able to look natural. Many times a failure to think about this aspect can cause a great deal of frustration because, especially in the case of oversized hair accessories you might have to redo your hairstyle if the accessory has been inadequately placed, causing you to waste a lot more time than it would have been necessary.

When thinking about high updos it’s best to try to go beyond the standard definitions and conventional styles that you might have seen to be able to create an original hairstyle that is representative for your personality. It is not always necessary to use advanced styling skills to create a fabulous updo, because sometimes just trying to see things from a different perspective is enough to generate new ideas that can open up more and more possibilities that you might not have been aware of.