Harajuku hairstyles became an urban cult, not only in the Harajuku shopping district from Tokyo, where it started, but also all over the world.

As the signature hairstyles of the Japanese street style, these are dramatic and provocative. Teens are constantly inventing new hair designs to create more original outfits and looks.

Flooding the streets and squares of cities they create a new world order. Their rules and style is definite, every Harajuku knows how to express his/her personality, through hairstyles, colors and edgy outfits.

Spooky outfits paired with this anime hairstyle is a real performance. Whether you have long or short hair, you can live out your fantasies in pulling off a futuristic hairdo. The trick lies in your hair styling skills. Use a bittie mousse and hair spray to tease your strands properly, make a punk scene Gothic Lolita combo Harajuku hairstyle for a razzle-dazzle effect.

Accesorize your Harajuku hairstyles with bows and hairpins – the bigger the better! You might be prepared for amazed looks turned after you, answer with a smile and they’ll now you really mean business.

Some might even want to ask you to pose with them for a pic, don’t refuse it. It’s always good to be immortalized in some way.

Harajuku hairstyle with dreadlocksharajuku hairstyles

Celebrities as Gwen Stefani got also infected with the ‘virus’, pulling off genuine Harajuku looks seems to give her great success along with her dancers.

Try it out if you would like a bizarre change in your look, learn the principles and the fashion of Harajukus to be a real pro in this new wave.