A beautiful hairstyle means, first of all, taking into consideration your hair texture and density. A bad hairstyle can transform your look in a total disaster. There are different ways you can find what type of hair you posses. First of all, if your hair needs less than one hour to dry, you have a fine or thin hair, and if it takes more, your hair is thick. Second, put a single hair on a piece of white paper. Fine hair can hardly be seen, while thick hair is easily seen.

Fine hair

Fine hair can be best characterized by a smooth, shiny, lifeless and flat look, without volume. Women who have thin hair should go for short or medium hairstyles. Therefore, a perfect haircut for thin hair would be short or mid-length bob hairstyles, more or less layered in order to make it more bouffant. The best styling involves a brushing using a big round brush to add volume to the roots. Use voluminizing products, hair gel and styling mousse that can help you add thickness to your hair.

Avoid long hairstyles as they only make your hair look thinner. Choose highlights or different shades of color in order to create shades and lights that give the illusion of thicker hair. If you love longer hair, you can make a loose braid. You can also go for longer hairstyles with bangs.

Medium thick hair

Women having medium hair should consider themselves very lucky as this is not too thick, not too thin, and therefore you can choose a new hairstyle only by changing the weight distribution. Considered as being a normal hair type and due to its styling flexibility, medium hair can help you get any hairstyle you want. Still, if you are taller, you should go for a longer hairstyle in order to balance your figure. Medium hair also supports other hairstyles such as bobs or shorter hairstyles.

Thick hair

Thick and very resistant, this type of hair tends to draw all the attention, but in the same time it tends to cover the face. Thick hair needs special care, but with a few tips and tricks you’ll be able to find the perfect hairstyles for this type of hair.

The idea is to reduce high density hair. The best hairstyles are geometrical ones and layered ones as layers tend to add mobility. You can get the perfect hairstyle using a flat brush and a blow dryer. Avoid too straight bob hairstyles as they give a crown effect rather unaesthetic. Choose instead long hairstyles and use a hair straightener to style them. If you have a bad hair day and no time to style it, take a hat or a headscarf and add some style to your outfit.

Curly hair

Curly hair is considered to be a precious accessory. Even though women who have this type of hair usually complain about all the problems they need to deal with whenever having to style their hair. However, with the right tips you can still find the perfect hairstyle for your curly hair. If you have curly hair, you should temper its wild look without ruining their natural beauty. The perfect haircut is the one that settles the curls in a natural way. You should go for a short haircut “à la garçonne” or one that falls down on the shoulders. You should apply a fortifying mask every three days and apply a styling mousse that revitalizes without overloading the hair. Avoid hair gels and too tight braids as they can cause hair loss.