A date can become a stressful moment, especially when you cannot find the perfect outfit and hairstyle to impress Mr. Right. You feel like nothing works together and just cannot decide. After choosing your outfit, you still need to figure out what hairstyle would work best for you. Natural, romantic, wavy or sexy are few of the hairstyles you can pick in order to have a dream date.


What’s more appropriate for a date than a romantic hairstyle? You can choose braids, chignons or loose buns. Try making soft braids for a natural and romantic look. Draw your inspiration from this season’s hairstyle trends. A loose side braid is one of the hottest trends this summer and it will enhance your beautiful bohemian look. A messy chignon could only help you achieve a laid back, romantic look without giving the impression of trying too hard.


Show your funny and bold side by choosing a playful hairstyle such as the milkmaid braids. This is an easy and quick hairstyle, and even if it’s rather childish it still offers a chic and stylish look. Start by splitting your hair into two sections and braid them. Secure the braids using elastic bands. Cross the braids over the top of your head and secure each side using bobby pins. As a final touch, you can use hairspray.


A soft, simple and elegant hairstyle for a date is a chignon. A chignon has several variations and is simple to style. Start by making a low ponytail at the base of your neck. For a more elegant and formal look, make sure your ponytail is tight. Then, twist the hair in the ponytail. You can also divide the hair into two sections and make a spiral by wrapping one section around the other, and then curl the twisted ponytail into a bun.

Use hairpins to secure the chignon. Another elegant hairstyle is the long, wavy hair. For this, you just need to use hot rollers or the curling iron in order to create subtle and elegant waves.


It is known that a a part of a woman’s femininity and personality stands in her sexy hair. A tousled hair can create the illusion of a special sexy look, despite the “just rolled out of bed” appearance. There are several, different ways you can get a messy and sexy hairstyle depending on the type of hair.

Start by washing your hair, towel dry it until damp, apply mousse and blow dry your hair. Scrunch your hair while drying it so you can create loose waves. If you have perfect straight hair, use the curling iron, keep it for just a few seconds and separate the curls with your fingers. Bangs can add a mysterious touch to your look.


If you are more into a non-conformist and natural look, you can easily go for a hippie hairstyle. Long, natural waves and colorful accessories are perfect if you want a bohemian and feminine appearance. Start by washing your hair and towel dry it until damp. Take thin locks and tightly wrap one around another. Secure them using a hairpin. When your hair is dry, free the locks and use your fingers to separate them. Apply hairspray. Add a headband or an artificial flower in order to finish your look.