One shoulder dresses, that remind us of the roman goddesses, need equally gorgeous hairstyles, that balance your appearance and ooze elegance and finesse. Here are some cute hairstyles for one shoulder dresses, that can really make an impact on your sophisticated look.

One Shoulder Dress Updos

Updos can be a great choice if you’re looking for elegant hairstyles that work great with one shoulder dresses. Ask your hairstylist to give you a swept-up bun, which is always a classy way to style your hair for a very special occasion, like a wedding or a big reception or even a photo session on the red carpet. Wear this one shoulder dress special updo with chandelier earrings and sophisticated makeup.

You can also try a full bun with sweeping bangs, oriented on the free shoulder direction, for a nice visual proportion everyone will adore. One of the main candidates for the title of best one shoulder dress hairstyles is the messy updo with locks that frame your face and give proportion to your look. You can first curl your hair if it’s not naturally this way, so that the messy updo will have enough dimension to make the right visual impact.

Updo Hairstyle

Cute Hairstyles for One Shoulder Dresses

Long beautiful hair can be styled to match a one shoulder dress without much fuss. Just wear it behind one ear, a very popular hair trend since last year, so that your locks rest on the sleeved side of the dress. Your bare shoulder and neck with be a visual treat for everyone!

Another cute hairstyle for one shoulder dresses is the one when you tuck your hair behind one year and add beautiful well defined curls on the free shoulder, for a sultry look that will make everyone green with envy. If you’re a natural look lover, just style your hair with loose waves and a center part, simple and elegant, very easy to wear and absolutely appropriate for a one shoulder dress.

Trendy UpdoGlam Waves Long Hairstyle

The oh-so-trendy side braid is also a great alternative for hairstyles that look wonderful with one shoulder dresses. Just part your hair to the free side (the one with the bare shoulder), loosely braid it starting just above the ear and finish in a half-ponytail.

Wear a gorgeous one shoulder dress with big voluminous curls, left to hang on both sides. A side sleek pony tail is also a wonderful hairstyle for a one shoulder dress, not to mention easy to make and perfect for any occasion.

Try to balance your look using a proper hairstyle for a one shoulder dress, that covers the uncovered shoulder, and you’ll get plenty of compliments!

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