A new season can bring lots of exciting changes in terms of fashion and beauty. After taking a closer look at some of the most interesting styles presented on the most important runways, most of us have a pretty good idea of what the main fashion trends for the season are. However, more often than not, we spot several looks that are a little too extreme to be adapted to real life. On the other hand, the lookbooks and the ad campaigns released by most brands offer a myriad of style alternatives that are easy to apply in real life whether we are talking about outfit choices, makeup or hairstyles.

Seeing the main fashion and beauty trends reflected in the ad campaigns for the season is always interesting as it reflects the vision of the designers that is well adapted for day to day life or perfectly polished for special occasions. The hairstyles from the latest ad campaigns are fairly varied, being a good source of inspiration in terms of style. From pin straight hairstyles that exude classic glamor to playful updos with a casual vibe, the hairstyles presented are fairly easy to create with the right styling tools.

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As expected, beach waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for the season, being the perfect alternative for those who prefer a low key look that is perfectly suited for summer. The hairstyle featured in the Emporio Armani campaign is the perfect example of a seemly relaxed hair style with a playful summer-vibe. The Tomas Wylde ad campaign, on the other hand, displays an equally alluring hairstyle that has a subtle grunge influence attached to it. The Reserved ad campaign, however, shows a much more balanced approach by opting for a more polished look that creates the impression of instant elegance.

Those who are fans of vintage hairstyles also have the opportunity to spot some seriously chic hairstyle ideas, particularly for curly hair. The Jill by Jill Stuart campaign skillfully revives the old Hollywood glamor by choosing to emphasize luscious curls with a little bit of hair volume for a more dramatic effect. The Christian Dior ad campaign illustrates a similar hair style choice in a different approach. With a great concern for symmetry, the well known fashion house selects a fabulous curly hairstyle. Although the vintage vibe is more than obvious, the hairstyle appears to be imperfectly styled, a thing that adds a modern allure.

Thomas Wylde Ad CampaignJill by Jill Stuart Ad CampaignJaeger London Ad CampaignChristian Dior Ad CampaignO2ND Ad CampaignVera Wang Ad Campaign

Ponytail hairstyles are also a fairly popular choice in this season’s ad campaigns, particularly those promoting a more relaxed approach on the season’s trends. Simple and stylish, the ponytail hairstyle remains one of the most youthful hairstyle you can choose. If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, such as an updo, there are a few interesting choices also. The Vera Wang brand chooses a fabulous, sleek updo with strong classic vibes that matches a myriad of formal occasions. A more casual version of a classy updo can be spotted in the O’2ND ad campaign, in which a fairly complex updo is well accessorized with a simple headband for a more impressive effect.

Although long hairstyles tend to dominate most ad campaigns thanks to their undeniable versatility, the spring ad campaigns feature a series of interesting short and medium hairstyles as well. Most of the relatively short hairstyles in the campaign seem to support the idea that bob hairstyles have not lost their popularity in any sense. Perhaps the most interesting style is the hairstyle that Abbey Lee Kershaw sports for Atelier Versace, which has been called a mushroom bob. The Sisley ad campaign sports a fabulous bob hairstyle as well with a strong geometric touch. All in all, the spring summer 2011 ad campaigns are a veritable lesson in style from all the possible points of view.

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