We’ve been witnessing the rise of a new fabulous hairstyle that has spread among beauty and style enthusiasts with the speed of lightning. The inverted French braid top knot or the dutch braid top knot as it is also known, has been causing a stir since it first hit the hairstyle scene. Blogger Abby from MyYellowSandbox, also author of an inspiring hair how-to eBook, shows us how to recreate the ‘do! If you’ve got the necessary hair length to achieve this oh-so-fabulous look, allow yourself a little bit of time and patience and start your makeover.

At first glimpse the hairstyle appears super simple, but unfortunately this will be a bit challenging for the honeys that are not too skilled in the French braiding technique. However, what are friends for if not for helping you out when in need?! So if you’re a newbie hair braiding, ask a friend to help you until you learn to master the steps of achieving this fab new braided up-style without an effort. This is a hairstyle that works great on all hair textures, but if you have fine, really soft hair, apply a bit of hairspray before you start braiding to ensure your braid will not come undone. Before you start, make sure you have a hair elastic on standby and a few bobby pins to ensure your braid will not loosen up while you secure the top knot.

Start by detangling your hair and tilt your hair forward. At this point you will not see what you’re doing, but rely on your tactile senses to guide you to fabulous looking hair. Gather a section of hair from the nape of the neck and part it into three sections, just as you would do with a regular braid. Start braiding, gathering hair from the sides and join them with the hair strands in your hands that fall nearest. Try to keep things tidy by checking the results with your digits.

The inverted French braid or the Dutch braid does require a little bit of skill, but with a little bit of practice you can easily learn the steps. Go as high as you wish with your braid and once you’ve reached the spot, secure the ending with two bobby pins that form an ‘X’ for better grip. Take a brush or use your fingers and gently smooth out the hairs while gathering the hair up to create your top knot. Wrap the elastic around the hair to achieve a messy top knot or style the hair into a pony before you’ll continue to create a sleek top knot by wrapping the pony around its base or by creating an oversized bun using a hair donut to create a perfect, oh-so-classy bun. These are all variations you can turn towards to look fabulous as the key to this look is exposing the braid. Chic, sophisticated looking and flirty, the inverted French braid top knot will dare you to resist it, so give it a try and let it work its magic!

Photos courtesy of My Yellow Sandbox blog