Play up your creative side with bold and beautiful hairstyles. Hit the broadwalk with a fashion-forward look that flaunts the super-healthy condition of your locks. Focus on the use of high quality products and tools that ease the sculpting process.

In a quest for inspiration make sure you skim through the following hair styling ideas for long hair. Keep monotony at a fair distance from your cascading tresses by experimenting with loads of chic hairdo alternatives.

Long Braided Hair Styleby Ewa BertonLong Braided Hair Styleby PanteneLong Ponytail Hair Styleby MatrixLong Ponytail Hair Styleby Wella

Lengthy locks can be turned super-sexy with braids. Master the art of pleating and try your hand at the multitude of braiding techniques. From the classy French braids to fishtail patterns all can be adapted to the various hair lengths and textures. Choose a sculpting trend that suits your skills and personality. Showcase your fondness for versatility and offer the best blueprint for a show-stopping and high class hairdo. Let hair fans take a bow in front of your party-perfect looks.

Updo HairstyleWeb CollectionBraided Updo Hairstyleby MatrixTwisted Updo Hairstyleby Preston E NesbitUpdo Hairstyleby Loreal

Go for romance if you wish to flaunt the beautiful length of your locks. Opt for boho braids teamed with half updos. Take a closer look at these professionally inspired hair designs and give these looks a shot. Wear these relaxed and low maintenance hairstyles to work or school and feel free to put your styling skills to a fab test using as inspiration more complicated and high class hair designs.

Braided Updo Hair Styleby Franck ProvostBraided Updo Hair Styleby by Jenna MourrayLong Updo Hairstyleby GoldwellHalf Updo Hair Styleby Gwne Huyan Tren