The new season is spicing things up as far as hair color goes, so let your inhibitions go and revamp your look by opting for a color transformation that will make heads turn. There are various hair dye hues that will suit your needs as well as skin tone and personality but that doesn’t mean that all choices are in sync with the new trends. To make sure you choose right and make a style statement, take a peek at the following hair color trends for 2012 and draw inspiration for your new hot look.

From rich blondes to fierce reds, the new hair color trends will enchant your eyes and manage to compliment your fabulous complexion. For best results, turn towards the help of a hair colorist as to obtain a perfect hair color without any damage, a professional touch is needed.

Hair by AngelsBrown Hair Color 2012Hair by Paul FalltrickBrunette Hair Color 2012Hair by Revlon ProfessionalBrunette Hair Color with Highlights 2012Hair by Great Lengths

One of the hues that compliment most skin tones and that can combine classic with elegance and modernism when it comes to hair color is brown. Rich, glossy brown shades simple or combined with subtle hair highlights are definitely the most popular choices in 2012. Because of the warmth and simplicity exuded, brown hair can make your complexion glow, but only if you choose the right shade to bring out your skin. From chestnut to chocolate browns, light or dark, anything goes, so keep your hair color simple and turn towards the help of subtle hair highlights randomly disposed throughout your hair to give your locks a little bit of a twist. If your skin tone can pull off a darker tone, opt for a simple cool and shiny brunette hue that will draw attention to your eyes and give you a more mysterious allure.

Hair by Harry BoocockHair by D&J AmbroseHair by Alexander TurnbullHair by Haringtons Artistic Team

A wicked red hair color will definitely stop traffic, so if you have a powerful personality, plenty of confidence to go along with it and a cooler skin tone, a fierce red shade can be a great option to consider. Bright fire red tones as well as toned down reds or even orange toned and multi tonal red based hair hues will match the new hair color trends, but before you opt for this eye catching style, make sure your skin benefits from the color combo you choose and that you have the budget to maintain this pretentious hue. Red pigments will lose their intensity faster than other shades, so it will need special hair color protection products to keep your shade’s vividness and sheen. Whether you opt for a simple red hair color or for flashes of other complimenting shades through your locks, your hair will surely grab a lot of attention.

Blonde Hair Color trends 2012Hair by Lisa ShepherdPlatinum Blonde Hair Color 2012Hair by Gregory KaouaHair by Frank ProvostHair by Haringtons Artistic Team

Add a high amount of sexiness to your look by opting for a cool blonde hair color. There’s a great palette of blonde tones to choose from, but keep in mind that this is not a color for everyone. Add highlights to your base or lighten your locks all over depending on what style suits you best and how light you can go. From sun-kissed, dirty blonde shades and platinum blondes, there are a variety of amazing blonde shades to choose from, so take your pick and experience the power of blonde hair. If you’re all about edgy and unique styles, opt for contrasting panels incorporated through your hair or dip dye your blonde hair ends for a hippie chic vibe that will not go by unnoticed.