Hair color is a great and easy way to transform a person’s look without changing hairstyle or hair length. The cosmetic industry has made it very easy for women nowadays to change their hair color in virtually minutes. You can go from one color to another whenever you feel the need of a change of appearance.

There are two options when it comes to coloring the hair: you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home or you can visit a salon for a professional job. Depending on your preference, you can choose whatever method suits you best. The colors available vary widely from simple colors to extravagant vivid colors. The variety comes to satisfy the clientele’s desires and preferences. The most common hair colors used are brown tones, black, blonde and red tones.

Hair color trends change from year to year but these four basic colors will never go out of style. There are many shades of each color available in order to match all skin types. The most important thing when choosing a hair color is to make sure the hair color matches our skin tone. Skin tones can be emphasized by certain colors while others can bring about a dull look, this is why it is very important to choose wisely and why there are so many shades available.

Blonde hair blonde hairstyle

Blonde Hair Color

Blonde tresses were always considered to be sexy and attractive, probably due to the fact that most of the sex symbols of the past and present were blonds. Blonde hair exudes warmth and exoticism, which makes blonde hair color one of the most popular hair colors of all. There are a variety of blonde shades available to suit most types of complexions. Celebrities seem to have fallen for this hair color as more and more celebrities are dyeing their gorgeous tresses blonde. From platinum blonde to strawberry blonde, they all look great.

brown hair color brown hair color

Brown Hair Color

Brown hair is one of the most common colors because it matches almost all complexion types. There are several shades available from light brown to dark brown hair color to choose from in order to match all preferences. Brow hair color can soften a person’s appearance because of the warmth the color exudes.

gorgeous hair color red hair color

Red Hair Color

Red hair always seemed to express innocence, but still had a certain mystery attached to it. There are so many red hair colors available, from intense red hair to orange red hair. Red is the best hair color for fair skin, as it enhances facial features, making them appear soft and make skin glow. Since there are so many red hair dyes available it makes the process of finding the right color easier because of the wider range of colors.

black hair black hair color

Black Hair Color

Black hair always looked good on fair as well as on tanned skin. This is a hair color which definitely brings out the eye color and doesn’t suit everyone. It enhances certain complexions but it can also make other complexions appear dull, pale and lifeless. If the color matches the complexion, it will help create a very sexy and mysterious look, a look most women can appeal to.

Choose the right color for your skin type and the tone of color which appeals to you most and you will definitely look stylish. These colors will never go out of style because they are basic colors, the only thing that will change are the shades. Choose the one which suits you best and you will definitely be admired.