While the stars only have limited suggestions for your hair, whether it’s styles or colors, your zodiac sign might just lead you to better hair, if you try a few of these astrological hair suggestions. Whether you’re ready for a fresh look or simply want to improve what already works, try these simple tips.

From Aries to Pisces, here are the hairstyles and colors that your horoscope recommends and that could be the perfect way to let your zodiac sign guide your look.


Big hair is a good fit for your personality and waves or bold curls are a good idea, even if your hair is naturally straight. A sleek bun could also be the best way to keep your hair out of the way. 

Best Hairstyles For Aries Star Sign

According to the hair zodiac, layered hairstyles are also a good fit for women born under the Aries sign.


Best Hairstyles For Taurus Star Sign

Based on your personality, you’d like you hair to be both elegant and practical. A short bob or pixie cut can bring you some extra glamor, but if that seems to be too drastic for your look, the best hair horoscope suggestion is bangs.

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Best Hairstyles For Gemini Star Sign

Astrology portrays Geminis as dual beings, so why not for for a two tone hair color. Semi-permanent hair dyes are best for experimenting, before settling on highlights or even ombre hair. Since you’re prone to change your hairstyle more often than other signs, express yourself through color as well.


Best Hairstyles For Cancer Star Sign

Ombre in two striking colors might be a good idea for you too, according to the hair horoscope, but if you want to keep it simple, that’s also a good approach for hair colors. Whether you prefer straight or wavy tresses, go for a medium length hairstyle, with or without wispy bangs.


Best Hairstyles For Leo Star Sign

For hair that matches your personality and zodiac sign, go big! A stylish and trendy look for when you’re having a bad hair day is the sleek ponytail. If you’re thinking of getting highlights, don’t be afraid to go for some vibrant shades. Try temporary hair color before committing to a daring look.


Best Hairstyles For Virgo Star Sign

Sticking to your natural hair texture might be a good idea, according to the hair horoscope, since you know how to rock natural beauty. Don’t let your hair grow too long and avoid super short crops. A long bob might be the right fit for you, but always ask for a low maintenance cut.


Best Hairstyles For Libra Star Sign

Side swept bangs are a good look for you, per the hair zodiac, but you should also try an updo if your hair isn’t very short. Go for beachy waves this summer and add texture to your tresses for a gorgeous look that fits your warm personality and keeps your hairstyle balanced.


Best Hairstyles For Scorpio Star Sign

Your personality can help you pull off a variety of dramatic looks, according to the hair horoscope, but sophisticated updos or side braids are some of the best. Leave a few strands free, no matter which hairstyle you choose, but make sure that your hair is always benefiting from good conditioning.

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Best Hairstyles For Sagittarius Star Sign

If you’re adventurous and love having fun, like most women born under the sign of the archer, the hair zodiac advises you to keep it simple. Any choice should be low maintenance, so make sure you’re getting a cut that works with your natural hair texture. A bob is a basic choice according to the hair zodiac, but you can pull off many looks.


Best Hairstyles For Capricorn Star Sign

The hair horoscope suggest you’re a perfectionist, so long hair can suit you very well. Just make sure that your tresses are always cared for and don’t be afraid to experiment with a little layering. If you’re tired of the same old look, try a daring hairstyle, like an asymmetrical bob.


Best Hairstyles For Aquarius Star Sign

There are no color restrictions in the hair zodiac when it comes to the Aquarius. If you want neon purple highlights, get them, and be happy that you can pull off a unique look with ease. If mixing an edgy color with a daring hairstyle sounds like too much, try an asymmetrical crop.


Best Hairstyles For Pisces Star Sign

Don’t let yourself get carried away when it comes to the latest trends, and make sure that you’re choosing a flattering look. Per the hair horoscope, shoulder length is a good look for you, and so are bangs, but it’s important find a hairstyle that’s flattering to your face shape.