Ombré and balayage are still going strong among the best hair coloring techniques of 2014, but a new crop of interesting ideas is also making a mark. Whether you’re interested in the latest runway coloring techniques or prefer to wait until a trend is adopted by celebrities, check out these great ideas for a perfect dye job.

Going for a natural look with the new coloring techniques more and more salons are using is certainly one way to go, but you can also get a dramatic look by trying temporary purple highlights, that have been spotted on the Fashion Week runways. Learn more about the newest coloring techniques that might be worth a try.


A new way to do very delicate and natural looking highlights, babylights are creating by treating half of a normal section with the same attention as a full one. This means doubling the coloring time, but the results are worth it. Babylights can be done in small sections or all over the hair, and maintenance for the look varies from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the size of the area.

Babylights Hair HighlightsKarli Kloss Babylights Hair Coloring Technique

Karlie Kloss’ recent transition to blonde also featured a few babylights, which make the whole dye job look much more natural, and that’s why it’s one of the best hair coloring techniques in 2014.


It you feel ombré is too dramatic for you, sombré has the same basics, but it also offers a more natural finish. While ombré highlights include a dramatic transition that’s best suited to brunettes, the more subtle version is also a cool look for blondes.

Sombre Hair Color On BrunetteSombre Hair Coloring

Sombré is standing out as one of the coolest hair coloring techniques 2014, especially if you’re a blonde looking to go lighter. Platinum blonde is a hot trend this fall, but trying a subtle ombré first means making a smaller change when you’re not fully ready to commit to a big change.

Soft Ombre Hair Color Sombre


Conceptual and angelic looking, splashlights are highlights that imitate the effect of a beam of light. They’re less suited to women looking for a sophisticated and natural look, but they can be the perfect choice if you’re willing to take a risk.

Splashlights Hair ColoringSplashlights Hair Color

Using a horizontal streak of bleach, usually around the middle of your hair length, splashlights are definitely a bold look. However, if you’re quickly bored of it, a quick fix entails bleaching from the splashlights to the tips and going for a more classic ombré.

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After a strong start thanks to celebrities like Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker quickly embracing it, balayage is still one of the most requested hair coloring techniques in 2014. While it’s a good choice for any hair color, it’s especially striking on blondes.

Balayage Hair ColorBlended Highlights

Balayage highlights are also already established, so you have a better chance of finding an experienced colorist who can do them just right, as opposed to the more risky babylights and splashlights.


Still a major trend on the red carpet, ombré color doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The more muted effect of sombré might be a better fit for the colder months, but you can still keep summer around by rocking ombré hair.

Ombre 2Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba also contributed to ombré’s appeal, making it one of the most requested hair coloring techniques in 2014.


If you can decide between being a brunette or a blonde, bronde hair is having a big comeback. While Gisele Bündchen was responsible for its appeal a few years back, the bronde look is back and better than ever.

Balayage Hair ColoringSubtle Highlights On Brown Hair

Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts have mastered the dark golden blonde, but bronde is a perfect fit for most skin tones and definitely a trendy look for fall.


While is sounds like it’s just a variation of bronde, chambre is actually one of the hair coloring techniques for 2014. Combining a champagne blonde base with the ombré technique, it’s not as dark as bronde, so it’s a perfect choice for a more sophisticated darker blonde.

New Ombre HairBlonde Balayage Hair Color

You can opt for chambre with a more dramatic ombré look, or you can try it with balayage highlights for a trendy look that’s not as drastic as lighter blondes, but offer a gorgeous subtle effect.