As the hot season is coming, you are always lacking ideas about how to wear your hair on bright summer days when you are hanging out with your friends, going to the beach or when you are preparing for a date.

Summer is usually the season when you are the most active, therefore, you need practical, still feminine and sexy hairstyles that you can easily create in no time. Use your creativity and don’t be afraid to try some chic and glamorous hair accessories in order to achieve a gorgeous look either for formal or casual occasions.

There are countless possibilities that you can play with. If you want some fun hairstyle ideas for the sunny summer days, check out our ideas about the season’s hottest hairstyles.

Long Loose Haistyle

Romantic waves are making a great comeback for this summer. Long hair gives you endless ways to arrange your hair. Use curling irons or hair rollers to give your long tresses an angelic look. You can even use different size hair curlers to create a more original, casual look. After you have taken out the rollers, carefully separate your locks with your fingers in order to achieve loose waves. However, don’t forget that curling irons and too much sun exposure can cause damages to your hair, therefore, it is important to use proper heat protection products. Only a healthy and shiny long hair can look beautiful.

Create an Updo

Loose buns are one of the most feminine hairstyles you can easily make in a few minutes. For different occasions be daring to try various casual or more formal updos that can really make a difference. Pull your hair into a ponytail and just twist it into a messy bun, fixing it with an elastic band or a few bobby pins. If you like your hair up, these sexy updos are really chic and practical choices for hot summer days. For fancy occasions you can create a more sophisticated hairstyle as well. You can try making an easy and elegant French twist. Create a loose ponytail, leaving a little more height at the top of your head, then twist the ponytail clockwise. Tuck the ends of your hair under the twist, and then fix it with bobby pins. You can also pull a few strands out in the front in order to give your face a beautiful frame.

Get Playful

Feel free to experiment with lots of fun and trendy looks this summer. Enjoy the variety and the freedom that different hairstyles can give you. If you are having a bad hair day, use your imagination to make youthful braids, pigtails or ponytails, accessorize with hairclips, headbands, chopsticks, hair scarves that will make your hair look amazing. For a change, adopt carefree styles that flatter the delicate, feminine features of your face. Regardless of the length of your hair, these styles and accessories give you a large variety of comfy, trendy and casual looks that you can play around with.

Short and Chic

Bob haircuts are amongst the hottest short hairstyles this summer. If you are tired of having a plain long hair or if you want to try a new short haircut, then a sexy bob or a trendy pixie is absolutely the best choice for you. These two fabulous hairstyles are extremely versatile, so you can enjoy the dozens of different looks they will provide. The bob flatters both straight and wavy hair, while a short pixie highlights your delicate face. Play with lengths and colors that suit your features and accentuate your face. Shorter hairstyles will bring texture and excitement into your hair, making you look like a real diva.

Make a statement this summer and try many different hairstyles according to your mood and occasion. Spice up your look with sassy haircuts, add layers, exciting bangs and chic colors to it and create fun hairdos. In order to maintain your hair in a good shape, keeping it healthy and glossy, pamper it with regular conditionings and indulge your tresses with great natural homemade treatments.