Although versatile hairstyles can be created at any length, it is more than obvious that the most complex hairdos can be created only with fairly long tresses. From day-to-day hairstyles to more formal looks, long hairstyles can be styled in endless ways with a little bit of time commitment, the right styling tools and creativity.

The newest hair trends demonstrate time and time again that choosing simple styling techniques and embracing your natural texture can deliver surprising results. If we come to think about it, most of the runway hairstyles that can be easily worn in real life revolve mainly around these principles. Perhaps one of the most chic ideas that combines simplicity and time efficiency is texture contrast. By mixing two different types of textures, you essentially create more visual interest with half the work you would need in order to undergo a full texture change.

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Sometimes, adding drama to an ordinary hairstyle can be as simple as adding a deep side part. Deep side parts were especially popular on runways this season as they immediately change the focal point, making any subtle change a lot more noticeable without necessarily increasing the overall length of the face. Furthermore, this simple style update can create extra hair volume without effort if you style it accordingly.

Those who like the glamor that a simple style can provide will often opt for stylish ponytail or braided hairstyles. Done properly, these hairstyles can flatter women of all ages. For a fabulous braided style that can work for a variety of occasions you can try adding volume to the braid. Tease the hair at the crown and you’ll be able to make a strong impression wherever you go in no time. This creative hairstyle will make your tresses look automatically thicker.

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It’s no secret that full, lively locks with a little bit of sheen will always be admired, as long as the volume is properly distributed. While volume at the crown of the head flatters face shapes that can be balanced with additional length, adding a little volume at the base of the hair can be a useful strategy for those who like to think out of the box and prefer to juggle with proportions in order to get an attention grabbing hairstyle.

Always keep your face shape, hair texture and overall hair health in mind when choosing a certain hairstyle as these are the most important factors that will determine whether a certain coiffure fits you. Also, alternate simple hairstyles with more complex ones to be able to explore more of your styling potential and determine what types of style changes flatter you most.

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