The versatile midi hairstyles of the moment have the power to add a youthful and modern vibe to your locks. Experiment with the shape of your mid-length cut and stick to a structure that suits your face shape.

Update your look with a fabulous makeover and feel free to ask the opinion of your hairdresser about the most flattering haircut alternatives you have. These glossy medium hair style ideas furnish you with an insight into the up-and-coming cutting and styling trends from the industry.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby AvedaMedium Layered Hairstyleby MahoganyMedium Layered Hairstyleby RevlonMedium Layered Hairstyleby Goldwell

Keep your shoulder-length hairdo glamorous by opting for layers. Choppy layers are the secret weapon to make a smashing statement. Play with the natural texture of your hair to nail down a relaxed and ultra-modern look. A graduated bob or a shaggy ‘do is an A-list alternative if you wish to preserve the length of your locks. Sharp midis are ideal for those who are not afraid of making a dramatic style change. Use texturising clay or wax to add definition to your layers.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Twins Hair and BeautyMedium Layered Hairstyleby Twins Hair and BeautyMedium Layered Hairstyleby Twins Hair and BeautyMedium Layered Hairstyleby Twins Hair and Beauty

In need of a magical formula to keep your mid-lengths sleek, consider smoothing shampoos. These revolutionary hair products are here to help you keep frizz at a moderate distance. Devote more time for conditioning to flaunt the super-healthy and radiant condition of your hair. Take a closer peek at these professionally inspired hair designs and start the new season with a dramatic and gorgeous beauty transformation.

Medium Layered Hair Styleby Paul MitchellMedium Layered Hair StyleWeb CollectionMedium Layered Hair Styleby TigiMedium Layered Hair Styleby Llongueras