The faux hawk (fohawk or faux-hawk) continues to dominate cutting-edge urban hairstyling with a vengeance.

It’s crazy, it’s messy, it requires dangerous amounts of styling product.

The glamour of the 1950s pompadour fused with punk, bad-ass, big 1980s hair.

A hairstyle in which a strip of hair across the top of the head is longer and higher than the hair on the remainder of the head.

A faux hawk is in the styling, not the cut, so there is nothing you need to know about cutting for this.

But if you opt to create the style entirely with scissors, you should use a traveling guide to ensure uniform lengths. (You can optionally create the style with tapered sides whether you use clippers or scissors.)

The “strip” can be minimized or maximized as preferred for an individual situation through styling.

The hair strip can be as long as desired, but is usually one-or-two inches longer than the shorter lengths which are generally between ¼ and 1¾ inch (but can be virtually any length).

The finished cut can be styled using mousse or hair gel and dried using diffuser to create stand-up spikes, or blown into a tousled look.

If you want more definition in your “strip” use a little pomade on the fingers and work it into the hair, pulling the textured hair into points.

A faux-hawk with long hair blends rock-and-roll punk flavor with classic elegance and style due to the way the hair is swept up on the sides of the head.

Tips! Do not wash your hair directly before styling a faux-hawk, especially if your hair is soft and fine.

If your hair is thin, tease it to help maintain volume.

Styling paste or glue will work best to keep your faux-hawk in place.

Use your hands to make your hair stand up straight.

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