The new season brings some hot new looks to the fashion scene, so if you’re ready to upgrade your look, take a peek at the following flirty hairstyles ideas for 2012 inspired from the runways and recreate the looks that suit your style best. Hairstyles have proven to be incredible beauty boosters, so why not make the best out of your locks since the new techniques and styling tools available nowadays make hair tyling fun and easy.

Depending on your hair length, you can experiment with a wide range of styles, so the longer your hair length, the more options you will have as far as hair styling goes. Transform yourself into a true hairstyle diva and become everyone’s hair envy by keeping up with the hottest and newest hair trends.

Flirty Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2012 Flirty Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2012 Flirty Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2012

Sleeked back hairstyles are super hot for 2012 and can emphasize the ‘new retro’ fashion of the season. Combed, well-groomed hairstyles that look styled to perfection are easy to achieve as wax, gel or any other hair sculpting product can tame even the most rebellious locks. Part your hair slightly on the side, raise hair at the crown and style it into a bump. Slick hair close to the scalp on the side and pull hair back into a pony or twist it into a neat bun. You’ll look amazing without having to spend hours in front of the mirror styling your locks to achieve a head turning look.

Flirty Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2012 Flirty Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2012

Updos are timeless hairstyles that can easily go from day to evening, meaning they are hairstyles that never fail. From sleek updos to vintage twists, Brigitte Bardot sex-kitten half up styles and messy, effortless updos, anything goes, so experiment and opt for a different updo style every time you wish. To create a fab updo, hair length is necessary, but you can give hair extensions a try, as temporary hair extensions will give your locks the instant length you need to pin your hair to perfection.

‘Au naturel’ is the buzzword in 2012 whether it’s fashion, makeup or hairstyles you’re talking about, so rely on your natural hair texture to underline your beauty, for an effortless look that will surely not go by unnoticed. Natural looking hairstyles don’t mean not paying attention to your locks, but enhancing your natural hair texture instead. Go sleek straight or style fab curls, waves even a messy bed-head look using the proper hair styling products. For a bit of a twist, swish your hair on the side and incorporate some stylish braids in or simply set it in place using a hair elastic. Make the best out of your stylish locks and experience the seductive power of flirty hairstyles on a daily basis.

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