A softly tousled hairdo is perfect to cheer up your boring weekday appearance. These flirty half updo hair styles boost the volume and definition of your locks in an instant. Draw some inspiration from these alternatives to stay chic and spare yourself from long hours spent in front of the mirror. Easy-to-handle half-updo ideas help you flaunt the spotless shine and condition of your tresses offering the chance to sport a 2 in 1 do. Sport similar dos for special events as well as more relaxed outings with your friends.

If you can't decide upon the best hair style that suits your face shape as well as your hair texture, make sure you spot the best source for inspiration furnishing you with an infinite array of designs. The following brief gallery aims to offer you the privilege to skim through a selection of flirty half updo hair styles that bring out the feminine allure of your locks. The general rule to pull off a similar look is to choose the style beforehand and pair the bright texture of the tresses be it curly or super-sleek to the style. Be one of the hair style icons of the moment and flaunt your colorful and chic half updos both when attending a special event as well as when off duty. Keep these hair styling options at hand to polish your look to perfection.

Half updos are some of the most easy-to-handle hair styles that are still super-chic and update your look on the spot. Keep the spotless condition of your strands with the proper hair conditioning and moisturizing treatments. Indeed, soft and silky hair will look amazing when piled up into a similar do. Half updos come in endless variations from the designs that focus on the bangs areas to the ones that appeal to the use of other hair accessories to create a more complex do. The hair styles above are some of the most simple alternatives to adopt when longing for a romantic and dainty look.

In this case all you have to do is grab a lock of hair and pin it to the sides or either twisting or braiding it. Indeed, these hair styling techniques are some of the must have styling options of the season, therefore appeal to them whenever you are in need of a voguish and all face shape-flattering do. Play up the natural texture of your hair for a Boho chic look using some mousse and a high quality hair dryers. On the other hand, if you crave for a more polished and suave half updo, enhance the volume of your strands with curls. Use hot rollers or a curling iron to complete your makeover project.

Looking for a hair style that would still help you flash the worth-admiring length of your locks? Then skip the luxurious updos and instead rely on the magical power of dapper and flirty half updos as the ones above. These might require the use of bobby pins and additional hair styling tools still would definitely grab immediate attention making you the beauty queen of the day. Super-sleek locks as well as lush waves and angelic curls will look gorgeous when styled in these classy dos. Take a retro-inspired turn if you are a devoted fan of the traditional and timeless half updos. Whereas those who are mesmerized by the latest trends of fairy-tale and Bohemian chic dos should juggle with the curling iron and enhance their locks with a loose wavy effect. Either alternative you'll pick, the point is to have the right attitude and confidence to set your do into the spotlight.

The all time favorite half updos of the season were undoubtedly ponytails and braided hair styles. These laid-back still uber-stylish and sophisticated hair styles highlight your sex-appeal and sylph-like hair length. Both if you have extra-long locks as well as shoulder-sweeping tresses, the final outcome will be equally overwhelming when you pair your perfectly conditioned and silky hair with a similar do. Tie your hair into a ponytail or sweep it to the side and braid it in order to flaunt the miraculous length as well as the rich texture of your locks. Choose a hair part that suits your face shape and there you have a cosmopolitan and red carpet-worth half updo.