The fall/winter 2010 banana hairstyles trend is capturing a great amount of attention as it seems this type of hairstyles manage to stand out due to the interesting manner the hair is styled. The interesting banana twists created on top of the head have very visible retro influences, making them highly fashionable hairstyles as the retro style has made a huge comeback this year.

Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style, this is why it is important to pay as much attention to hair styling as you can. The great thing about banana hairstyles is that they can be worn for formal as well as more casual occasions, but in order to wear them right a great amount of confidence is needed as they attract a generous amount of attention due to their non-conformist look.

Creating the banana updo hairstyles is not difficult, with a little bit of practice and the right hair styling products one can achieve fabulous stylish looks which can make you stand out and emphasize your fabulous style. A long hair length is necessary to create a banana hairstyle as the hair is gathered in front of the head and twisted or waved until the right retro look is achieved. With a little bit of pin-up style, banana hairstyles exude sensuality and style, so they are perfect for women who are confident and love to show off their femininity.

You can style the hair differently on top of the head as well as down, depending on personal preference and style. Twist the hair to create a hair roll, a twisted oversized loose bun or a lovely intricate updo allowing all of your hair to be styled up.

The banana hairstyles obtained nowadays are similar to the retro hairstyles in which the banana hair clip was used to style the hair as desired. You can now style the hair as desired by using hair pins and hair styling products to recreate the desired retro inspired look.

Pay attention to hair care as only healthy hair can look fabulous and radiate beauty. To enhance the beauty and style of your banana hairstyle apply a shine spray as a finishing touch as it will help enhance the hairs shine thus beauty!

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