The soft and shiny waves as well as the volumized updos and high brow hair styles made their way up to the catwalk thanks to the admiration of designers for classy hair dressing techniques. The messy as well as more tousled and wild looks would make the same strong fashion statement when it comes of crowning an oh-so-fab fashion collection. Taking a closer look at the Fall 2010 retro-inspired runway hair style trends it is obvious that stylish beehives, complex buns as well as modern Twists and also luxe down-dos live their second heyday. In order to be up-to-date with the latest trend make sure you keep an eye on the looks below.

Vera WangVera Wang

Classy Beehive

The public could witness one of the most stylish versions of the classy Beehive during the Vera Wang A/W 2010 RTW fashion show. The look is tamed sophisticated as the old time hair styling asked for it still has some of the youthful and new wave dainty charm of the present. This combo of the various elements makes it so popular and appropriate for all ages as well as various fashion style fans. Both medium and long hair can be styled into this Beehive paired with a stylish side- or middle hair part depending on your face shape as well as preferences.

The retro look popularized by celebrities of the past makes us feel voguish and at the same time maintains the spotless condition and health of the strands. All you have to do is tease the crown section then pin it to the head and crate the classy Beehive. Additionally you can tie up all the tresses or leave some down as in these pictures sporting a half-updo.

Lela RoseLela RoseGiambattista ValliGiambattista Valli

Chic Updos

Buns and French Twists make no exception when it comes of the revival of the retro-inspired hair style trends. Lela Rose as well as Giambattista Valli are only some of the self-named fans of these classy dos. The modern and urban vibe is given by the tousled and laid back aura o f the looks that would match the cutting edge fashion operas presented on the runway. The classy French twist can be easily created by skipping the use of a brush and instead using a comb to backcomb the crown section and this way adding the must have quiff to the whole updo hair style. Grab your strands pin the twisted locks to the head with a few bobby pins. Leave the flyaway strands flow free and secure the do with a spritz of hairspray.

In the case of Giambattista Valli you’ll have a fab example of the stylish messy bun that still has a more classy and old Hollywood allure due to the side-swept strands as well as the texture. In this case all you have to do is twist that ponytail around it base and create a similar low bun. Preserve the softness as well as smooth texture of the locks in the front to add that polished flair to the look. Complete the look a classy makeup style for the desired ‘wow’ effect.

RochasRochasElie TahariElie Tahari

Glossy Down-dos

During the show of Rochas A/W 2010 RTW the public was taken back to the 60s when hair styles rivaled for the ultimate winner position in fashion industry. Indeed The classy pumped up down-do with a faux Beehive created with the help of teasing made its appearance both on the canvas as well as the runway. More and more celebrities promoted the trend that encouraged volume and dimension that can be easily created to sport an uptown do. College girls as well as adult ladies would try their hand at this hair styling trick that would add some length and dimension to all face shapes. Use your skills to backcomb the strands on the top and keep the bangs smooth and silky to create the perfect contrast between the two looks.

Elie Tahari however takes us into the Charlie’s Angels era when loose and glossy waves as well as the mid-part launched a real craze among fans of hair styling inventions. Models during the show offered endless examples for these hot chic hair styles that can be sported with all hair lengths as well as face shape. Make the fine mid-part then use a high quality curling iron of hot rollers to achieve the best look.

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