Sculpted ponytails landed on the runway in their utmost beauty. Some of these would be perfect as back-to-school hair styles as these mainly adopt a more cheerful and low maintenance styling technique. Others come in their most complex way, further enhanced and completed with braids as well as additional details. When taking a sneak peek at the catwalk hair dressing trends and especially ponytails we will notice the endless methods how these hair styles can be adapted to various events. From weddings to relaxed clubbing dos, all these rock the golden rules of hair styling and make ponytails accessible to everyone regardless of age and skills.


Sassy Chic Ponytails

Ponytails are some of the most practical hair styles ever invented and improved in order to ease the job of both teens and adults when it comes to finding the best do that keeps our strands in their best shape. These sassy chic ponytail designs presented during the A/W 2010 RTW shoes of A.F.Vandervorst as well as Lacoste bring back that cheerful flair that made this classy do so popular among people regardless of age.

Indeed, A.F.Vandervorst took the simple style to the next level further embellished with braids as well as messy and tousled sections. On the other hand, the latter example shows a more universal and easy-to-handle style that can be easily copycatted by anyone with a drop of creativity as well as a hair-friendly elastic. Go ahead and make up your own designs for the next season’s pop ponytail style.

Louis VuittonLouis VuittonMax AzriaMax Azria

Classy Sculpted Ponytail

What could be simpler than to brush the strands to a smooth and silky texture and use simply a hair elastic to tie the locks into a cute classy sculpted ponytail? During the shows of Louis Vuitton as well as Max Azria we could witness the fondness of designers for a polished and super-smooth traditional look.

Models promoted the original form of the ponytail and took the public back into the retro years when perfectly touched up dos were living their heyday. Proceed the similar way as in the earlier mentioned cases, all you have to do additionally in this case is to condition your strands to avoid flyaway hair as well as any bumps in your do.

House of HollandHouse of HollandJeremy ScottJeremy Scott

High Top Ponytails

This season we could also have the pleasure to take a glimpse at the high top ponytails presented in the course of the shows of House of Holland and Jeremy Scott. Though these two examples of the retro-inspired still futuristic looks might not be all event-appropriate still it is worth mentioning that in the past decades these also played a top notch role in the evolution of ponytails. The hair stylists of House of Holland made the side-ponytails more youthful especially due to the stylish hair accessory added, in the shape of headbands or scarves. These paired with the oversized earrings made a smashing fashion statement.

The rising and peaking looks at Jeremy Scott breathe life into the almost forgotten ‘groove is in the heart’ year when similar looks began a real craze among ladies who used their do to make a style statement. The uber-polished as well as curvy flair of the ponytail make it one of the most inspiring and spectacular looks of the season.

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