In the search for the perfect shade that will highlight our most alluring features we often seek inspiration in the latest hair color trends of every season. The fashion industry is constantly offering new ideas by putting different styles on the spotlight and offering a lot of various alternatives to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Acquiring knowledge from different sources is often the first step in creating the look that we all desire. The fall/winter season of 2010-2011 brings a lot of novelties when it comes to hair color ideas suggesting a lot of different hues you can choose from to get the hottest look of the season.

The main focus for fall tends to be directed towards finding natural looking shades that work well with your complexion. The tones used generally tend to be understated unlike the contrasting tones that used to work well for summer. When it comes to highlights, they too tend to be quite natural being generally used to create a natural looking multidimensional effect.

Red hair color is by far the most popular and coveted color of the fall season. Seductive and vibrant tones that create an innocent and yet very mysterious look are just what you need to be able to stand out in terms of style for the season. Natural tones are highly appreciated from multiple points of view, but passionate fiery red tones have not lost their popularity still leaving a strong impression.

Modern copper red tones, dark auburn or deep mahogany tones are at the top of the list as they are considered some of the most attractive shades because of the amazing power they have to change one’s look. The purity of these shades might be another reason why red tones are highly valued: any attempt to add highlights will greatly diminish the attractiveness of the hairstyle, so the attention should be oriented only to the selection of the most suitable shade that compliments your complexion.

Brown shades tend to be a good choice for most types of complexions being also fairly easy to maintain. If you are thinking about adopting brown shades, the leading tendency you should keep in mind is brightness.

Rich glossy brown tones that soften the features are the ones that will provide the voguish allure you really want. If you wish to experiment with chocolate brown hues and dark brown tones, you should try to add a few highlights with a slightly lighter shade to create a wonderful eye catching effect that will attract attention just like a magnet. Subtle golden tones also work out well both when it comes to highlights or the main hair color.

Black hair color tends to compliment tanned/olive skin tones creating just enough contrast to add interest to the face making a powerful and memorable image. When selecting a dark black shade, intensity should be the main thing you should look for.

Coal black shades are the most fashionable ones, but if you think that they might be too simplistic for you, you can always go for more complexity and create more extravagant looking styles by choosing bluish tones and subtle barely noticeable red tones. You should keep in mind though that if you truly want to look gorgeous with this hair color, you should have a flawless looking skin.

Blond shades tend to be perceived as passionate and interesting and that’s why they always rank high on the top list of many women. Elegant yet intense shades can be quickly found without too many effort and this tends to be the main focus for the season. Pearl beige shades,honey blonde tones, golden or cool platinum blonde with light tones are an excellent choices for bringing out the best in your features for this season. Choose the shades that match your complexion the most and you will be on your way to receiving magnificent compliments for your new hairstyle.