Being inventive with your hair is a must if you wish to look unique and gorgeous every time you make a public appearance, and there are a variety of hairstyles available to inspire yourself from. One of the newest trends when it comes to hairstyles is the fabulous big bun hairstyles trend, which help create a fabulous formal look, that suits a variety of special occasions.

Along time a variety of hairstyles have been developed, some of which are new while some have been reinvented to suit the new trends in hair styling, thus leading to a multitude of choices when it comes to hair styling. Bun hairstyles have always been popular due to their simplicity and elegance, and there are several ways to style a bun. One of the newest bun hairstyles which seems to have been a huge success on the red carpet as well is the fabulous big bun hairstyle, a hairstyle which attracts a generous amount of attention through its oversized style, simplicity and elegance.

big bun big bun crimped big bun sophisticated big bun

It is a well known fact that hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style, so choosing the right hairstyle should be a top priority as every one of us wishes to look great regardless of the moment. Big bun hairstyles can help create an elegant look, but a very relaxed look, which states “fabulous without trying” as creating this hairstyle is not difficult. Hair length is definitely an essential step in creating this type of hairstyle as the hairs length will contribute to the style of the bun. The longer the hair the bigger the bun can be but thankfully to the development of hair extensions, women with medium length hair can now opt for a big bun hairstyle. Add the hair extensions clips to your natural hair and create the big bun that suits your style.

There are a variety of big bun styles to choose from, depending on personal preference and style so try to choose one which suits your face shape and personality best. Women with an oblong face shape should definitely avoid this type of hairstyle as the big bun will add even more length to the already long face shape, creating an unflattering result.

sleek straight big bun retro big bun bun big hair

Style the bun as big as you wish by gathering the hair on top of the head and securing it with a scrunchy. The hair close to the scalp needs to be tidy, in order for the bun to stand out. Pin the bun as desired into place using bobby pins and your style will be enviable. You can style the bun centered or on the side of the head moving a little bit forward, depending on personal preference.

The bun can be styled in a variety of ways, such as a teased big bun, a braided big bun, a sleek straight big bun, a curly big bun, a crimped big bun, etc. Be inventive and use hair accessories to give your big bun hairstyle an extra twist so experiment with different hair accessories styles. Choose the hairstyle that suits your style and face shape best as only this way you will be able to feel and look gorgeous.