When it comes to hair, the styling possibilities are endless and because of the social connotations that have been linked to the way hair looks, it’s definitely a good idea to start experimenting and make the best out of your locks. You’ve probably found yourself looking at a person you don’t even known on the street and check out the hair labelling it as ‘bad’ or ‘fabulous’, so no wonder that fashion forward women and beauty addicts are trying their best to get their locks looking picture-perfect every day. One way to get yourself and your hair noticed is by opting to experiment with fab high volume hairstyles that have become a super trend in 2012, so dare to explore the power of rich, healthy, lioness looking hairstyles as they can instantly boost your sex-appeal sky high.

The instant transformation you can achieve by following the simplest hair styling steps is amazing, so try to save some extra time, 15-20 minutes every day, to pamper your locks and you’ll surely be showered with compliments for your style.

Hair by Franck ProvostHair by Franck ProvostHair by SeanHannaHair by Brooks&Brooks

To look fabulous you don’t necessarily have to turn towards highly sophisticated hairstyles as voluminous, simple, curled or featuring an enhanced texture can do wonders for your look. One way to go is full blown locks that can easily be achieved by blow drying the hair as desired using a large round brush. This is a style that works perfectly with extra long as well as with medium length hairstyles, so invest in a high quality brush and brush your locks like a pro. Use hair clips to hold the hair up while you start blow-drying the hair to perfection starting from the nape of the neck, working your way upwards using gentle semi-circular motions while pulling the brush from the roots towards the ends. With a little bit of texturizer product you can give your lioness-looking locks a shiny finish whether it’s a straight or a slight wavy style you opted for.

Hair by Mieka HairdressingHair by Hooker & Young Hair by Franck ProvostHair by Tigi

Achieve an oh-so-glamorous look that is both sexy and innocent by curling up your locks to perfection. The curls will help give the hair extra lift and a more rich looking texture without too much effort. The numerous methods available to help you achieve perfect curls make styling your locks to perfection so much fun, so experiment with tight, afro-inspired curly hairstyles, loose texture or glam curls as each style has a a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

If you have fine hair, you can achieve a richer hairstyle easily by turning towards hair extensions, hair weaves or temporary clip-in hair extensions depending on personal preference or budget. This way you can enjoy the perfect length and achieve a more luxurious looking hairstyle without too much fuss. If you’re feeling a little bit rebellious, you can enhance your hair’s texture and give it a messier look, one that is laid back but looks fabulous at the same time. Dare to pump-up the volume using hair styling mousse, blow dry the hair in an upward motion from the roots and style-up every time so you can feel and look like a true diva.

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