Yes, we included the mullet in the worst mens hairstyles, but we must also add, that the mullet haircut lives on, and it’s made modern with a few twists.

That’s why it is advisable to skim through the most stylish mullet hairstyles if you want a dramatic makeover for your strands.

Sported often by those who crave for a highly layered hairstyle Mullets in general associated with Southern people managed to gain a bad reputation. More and more people turned away from this evergreen and at the same time tricky style due to its ultra-modern and at the same time edgy aspect.

razored mullet hairstyleMullet hairstyle

Those who opt for this hairdo, should wear it with attitude and confidence. The best way to make people accept it is to create some real hair styling masterpieces. The haircut is done pretty simple but with great refinement. The hair is thinned out with razor cutting technique at the crown leaving some free flowing long strands in the back or even on the sides.

Go for the messy and relaxed style to make it more up to date and original. Use the traditional hair styling products and apply an itsy-bitsy wax or pomade to your locks in order to add definition and texture to them.

Hair stylists were also fascinated by the styling options this hairstyle offered. They managed to combine the classic mullet with fauxhawks, cornrows and even Mohawk. The public might be amazed on how many changes this hairstyle went through as well as its persistence in hair styling history.

Teens apparently find great challenge in reinventing the past hairstyles, topping the appearance with some bright highlights or lowlights as well as hair accessories.

Mullet hairstyle

Those who are flirting with the idea of having a brand new hairstyle might find this brief gallery a source of inspiration. Choose an edgy mullet hairstyle if your want to keep your precious long strands still crave for a new style.