In order to feel confident and attractive it’s a must to embrace the most flattering hair style trends. Updos are some of the most practical and at the same time voguish alternatives you can wear actually to all events. These suit both formal as well as casual looks, therefore hair stylists advise you to perk up your locks with similar designs.

Fans of the Preppy fashion trends might also long for ideas on how to match their do to the signature outfits. In this case all you have to do is read through the following options and try your hand at each and every one of them until you’ll spot the one that highlights your best features and offers you a glam look.

Ponytail Hair Styles

School chic-inspired style tendencies are also common in Preppy fashion, therefore why not adopt one of the most popular and easy-to-create hair styles, school and college girls also popularize. The cute ponytails placed either lower or on the top enhance your look with a more youthful and stylish twist. Choose one of these simple and practical designs and use simply a hair clip or an elastic to secure the locks in the desired place. Play with volume if you wish to dress up your do with some dimension. On the other hand, you can also perk things up a bit with additional twists and braids for an extra dazzle.

Preppy Updo

Classy buns and chignons styled either messy or uber-polished are also some of the must try hair styling options you’ll find when skimming through the most pop Preppy dos. Tie your locks into a cut top knot if you are fond of the runway inspired looks and remarkable designs. On the other hand, if you are more of a relaxed type and wish to play with the length and texture of the tresses, make sure you go for a loose and Boho chic style updo which is perfect to complement your urban Preppy chic outfit. Complement your updo with additional hair accessories as barrettes or headbands to play up the girly glam vibe of your hair style.

Preppy Braids

Were you always dazzled by the multitude of braiding patterns? It’s time to test your skills and embrace some of the easiest designs that can be easily pierced into your cute Preppy updos. Start with the French braids then proceed to the next level and experiment with fishtail or rope platting. Wear your strands in the most voguish braided looks and top your do with ribbons, bows and other signature Preppy style accessories. Draw some inspiration from the looks above to be prepared for the next hair makeover done like a real pro.