A showstopping party look doesn’t mean just a glamorous, wow-worthy frock and a flawless makeup, but also a festive hairstyle. And with the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start searching for the appropriate ‘do in order to shine all night long. You don’t need to complicate things but opt instead for easy party hairstyles that you can achieve at home using a few simple tips and tricks.  

If you have long gorgeous locks, styling your hair for a special event can take just a few minutes and using only a curling iron and some hair spray. You can get messy yet dressy waves with a slightly rock ‘n’ roll effect or, on the contrary, super-chic and glam curls in an instant. For the relaxed style, take the curling iron and wrap random sections of hair around the barrel. Use your fingers to shake it all up and apply some hair spray to hold the look.

Go for the old Hollywood sophisticated look with some glossy, cascading waves. Start by applying some hold spray and take hair sections and wrap them around a curling iron. You should pin into place each rolled section. After hair has cooled, remove the pins and style your waves with a bristle brush. For the ultimate sexy waves, make a deep side parting. You can rock this style even if you have bangs but set the parting in the center and finish your styling with some shine serum.

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Make an entrance with a hot Brigitte Bardot half updo. The key of this look is to apply some voluminising mousse and to backcomb the hair at the top of your head. Brush the top layer, apply some hold spray and pull back loosely the upper part of the hair and secure it at the back with pins or a precious hair comb. You can also try a lovely half updo and be the queen of the party. Make soft waves and a small center parting. Next, fasten the hair in the back with a delicate hair pin. Remember that leaving a few face-framing flyaways will soften the look.

If you are used to wearing your hair in a timeless, versatile ponytail, you should know that this simple ‘do works surprisingly well for special occasions as well. There are so many ways a ponytail can be worn. However, you can upgrade this style and change it into a super-elegant, backcombed pony by taking a hair section and wrap it around the pony’s base. If you want to impress, a side fishtail braid can also do the trick and add a sexy vibe to your overall appearance. For a glossy effect, make a higher pony at the crown and then create a fishtail braid.

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A loose bun looks incredibly stylish with an embellished headband. Make a tousled chignon and add a chic touch using a headband with chains, beads, or crystals. Or, you can take two hair sections from either side of your head, braid them and use them to make a cute headband. Gather the rest of the hair in a bun and apply some spray. For an effortlessly elegant chignon, curl your hair with a large-barrel curling iron before creating the ‘do. This is perfect for the holiday season and it’s really easy to achieve at home. Go for a slightly undone elegance with a big and bold bun. You only have to add texture with a special spray and style it with your fingers.

Short hair also has numeorus styling possibilities. Therefore, for sophisticated bobs, you can opt for the sleek, sexy version. Use a flat iron in order to obtain an ultra-glam and soft result. You can also opt for the voluminous style that looks so feminine and smart. It looks so chic and fun and it definitely glams up any party outfit. Start with a volume mousse all through the hair, then use a curling iron to create delicate waves. Finish off with hairspray to keep your lovely bob into place.

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