Technicolor hair is the ultimate style du jour! Browse through our review of the hottest dramatic hair color ideas for spring and start toying with the idea of going multi-tonal. Don’t shy away of the smashing impact these amazing looks create! Get out there and show off your creative side with a refined and ultra-modern hair design. Every girl should discover the positive effect of either natural-looking or edgy highlights on her locks. No more boring tresses if you embrace the hottest hair coloring trends. Use color-protective formulas to maintain the natural radiance and intensity of your new shade. Choose brighter and lighter hues for volume whereas darker hues inject subtle elegance and a mysterious vibe into your locks.

Dramatic Hair Color Ideaby GoldwellDramatic Hair Color by GoldwellDramatic Hair Color Ideasby JoicoDramatic Hair Color Ideaby Goldwell

Rainbow colored hairstyles offer an overwhelming visual experience. See how the fiery red, orange and purple highlights add an instant va-va-voom effect to blonde, brunette or black base. Move to the bolder side of the color spectrum and ask your expert stylist for ideas on how to embed similar shades into your look. Indeed, these hair color ideas scream for courage and attitude. Therefore, make sure you’re ready to turn heads on the street and at any event with a multi-tonal do. Hair needs to be perfectly moisturized and glossy to make the most of your technicolor hair design. Stick with a two-tone look if you want to keep things more classy. However, if you want to take a plunge in a radical makeover, you can combine zillion different shades.

Dramatic Hair Colorby Bill TsiknarisDramatic Hair Colorby Bill TsiknarisDramatic Hair Colorby Lucas&NicoleDramatic Hair Color Ideaby Joico

Before you would make a long-term commitment with brand new vibrant shades, it is important to think about the cost of its maintenance. Go sensational with your locks as the simplest solution to break out of your boring box. Inject drama in your appearance with passionate red, blinding orange or delicious candy tones like pink and blue. Colorful hair highlights became so popular among celebs and ‘it’ girls that you just can’t stay away from this trend. Get expert advice before you select your favorite shades. Choose contrastive or complementary hues depending on the impression you want to create. Ensure you get the right shade by visiting a professional beauty parlor.

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