Choosing a hair color which steps out of the ordinary is not easy but to make things easier we have put together some of the hottest dramatic hair color ideas for 2011 just so you can inspire yourself for your next nonconformist and fabulous look!

Hair color plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style and thankfully to the evolution of the beauty industry a variety of hair dye shades have been developed. For best results one needs to select a hair color which suits the skin tone, personality and if possible the latest trends. If all these criteria are met, you will radiate beauty! There are a variety of hair color shades to choose from so if you are looking for a more dramatic look you can inspire yourself from the following dramatic hair color ideas for 2011.

Women who prefer a more bold, nonconformist look you can try to step out of the ordinary by choosing a unnatural looking hair color, something other than your traditional red, blonde, brunette or black. There are a variety of dramatic hair color trends for 2011 to inspire yourself from and they all look fabulous.

Dramatic red hair color

One of the newest and trendiest hair color ideas which feature a very bold look are powerful red hair color shades. Rihanna's bright red hair color looks absolutely amazing and it is a perfect hair colors shade to inspire you for the 2011 season. However if this type or red hue is not your thing you can go for a more violet-red shade or a dark red hair color. Either way your hair will look sexy and will most definitely attract all the attention. Keep in mind that dramatic red hair color requires a high maintenance if you wish the hair color to maintain vivid for as long as possible and it is a hair color which needs to be worn with confidence to attract positive attention .
Go for a uniform red hair color or incorporate fabulous red hair highlights for a more interesting style!

Orange tone red hair

Orange tone red hair color shades or copper red shades look fantastic and can pose as a great option for women who have a fair complexion. This hair color can bring a certain warmth to your skin and offer you a perfect balance as fair skin tones are a bit cooler. There are several orange tone red hair shades to choose from so make sure you select one which suits your style perfectly!

Deep purple hair color

Deep purple is a hot hair color which if combined with a natural hair color or other hair color shades for a multicolored hairstyle. Going all purple might be a bit too much so try to opt for purple colored highlights or chunky paneling. If your natural hair color is not blonde bleaching might be required to receive the desired result, but the effects obtained will be well worth the effort.

Multi Tonal Hair Color 2011

Multi-tone hair color

Choosing to get multiple colored hair highlights in the shades you desired such as red, blue, violet, orange, yellow is a great option but keep in mind that the results obtain are eye catching and very nonconformist. Mix and match your favorite electric hair color shades and obtain a personalized hair color which will most definitely make you stand out. In order for the best results to be obtained turn to a professional hair colorist and make sure the hair color shades desired collaborate well!