This summer get creative and try the season’s hottest hairstyle trend: the braid. Adding some texture and fun detail with braiding is totally on trend and so easy to do! Live a little and experiment with your fabulous hair as much as possible. Turn to chic hairstyles that don’t take too much of your time but which deliver fantastic, head-turning results.

Single Side Braids

Wash, condition and prep hair with sculpting product to make it easier to manage and add some hold.

Blow-dry hair as usual, you can either blow-dry it straight or get a tousled wave into your hair – the braid will look hot paired with any hair texture.

How to Braid Hair with Photo

Create a deep site part and section hair, leave the piece of hair you want to braid in front free and pull the rest of the hair back and secure it. Start to braid and continue until the ends and secure with clear nylon elastic bands.

The size of your braid and the lines you create is entirely up to you. Obviously, the thicker your hair is, the thicker your braid will be.

Don’t worry if the braid looks a little untidy – you can even pull out strands to create a boho look – and then pull it to one side and secure it with a bobby pin.

Side Plaits for Long Hairstyles 2009Trendy Hairstyles Braids 2009 SummerBraided Hairstyle for Summer

Double Front Braids

Two braids in the front of your hair will give off a Grecian Goddess look that’s also hot at the moment. Instead of starting to braid hair from a side part, you’ll create a middle part and will braid two complete braids that you’ll secure to the side of your head with hair pins – use pins that blend into your hair color.

You can also disguise the ends of the braids by tucking them underneath the rest of the hair. Finish with a mist of hairspray to keep the braids in place.

Styling Tip!

The braids of this season have an irregular textured feel to them, so don’t worry if they’re not perfect. You can even tease the braid out with your fingers, after securing them with elastic, but keeping the main plait structure intact. Hold onto each side of the braid and pull the plait apart a little, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the root. This will widen and flatten your braids.