Getting the dirty blonde hair color can be harder to achieve for brunettes than other lighter shades. Even when using the right dirty blonde hair dye, you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls you may face. Use a few expert tips that can help you get the perfect dirty blonde hair color for your look.

Sported by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, the dirty blonde hair color seems darker than other shades of blonde, but it’s not easy to perfect, especially for brunettes.

The best dirty blonde hair dye shade is ash blonde, but you can only use it if you have very light natural hair or if you’re willing to bleach your darker locks.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color: Highlights or Lowlights?

The full dirty blonde look doesn’t just need highlights or lowlights. Go for the most natural look by using both. This multitonal look was also rocked in a sexy way by Britney Spears and it’s the best way to go if you don’t want constant maintenance.

Use lighter highlights and lowlights at least two shades darker than the main ash blonde color and the look will be easier to grow out. You’ll only need touch ups on your roots to keep the look intact, so you’ll save time, money and most importantly your hair’s well being by subjecting it to less chemicals.

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Dirty Blonde Hair Colors: Ombre

A more daring variation of the dirty blonde look is the ombre style, used by celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Mila Kunis for a basically gradient style.

The ombre blonde hair color starts out with the natural color of the roots and it slowly lightens towards the tips of your hair that can be ash blonde or light blonde. Use this technique for textured and wavy hair, not for straight hair, where the effect can be less than visually pleasing.

How to Go from Brunette to Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Darker hair needs to be lightened before applying any dirty blonde hair dye in ash shades. You can either use bleach or a more gentle color remover to get all the orange pigment out of your hair. The dirty blonde hair color should only be applied once your hair is pale yellow for the look to really work.

After choosing one of the most popular dirty blonde hair colors, don’t reach for the eyebrow dye as well. As long as your eyebrows are only a couple of shades darker than the darkest lowlights in your hair, you’ll look natural. Lighten your eyebrows too much and the look will seem fake.

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