Sexy hair has everything to do with cut & color, so add some oomph to your solid dark brown hair by infusing some sizzling red highlights. Testing new terrains when it comes to your hair color might scare you, but a quick glimpse at the following dark brown hair shades with red highlights will surely spark your imagination and flood your head with ideas.

Solid dark brow hair shades look a bit too common, but the slightest dose of red infused through your locks will add glamor to your look, so step out of the dark side and experiment with bright red highlights as from copper to cherry, there’s a sexy red shade to conquer you!

Bright & Bold

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If you’re feeling fierce and fabulous, try flashes of bold red highlights in your dark brown hair. You don’t have to commit to an all-over color to look amazing, so apply a fierce red-orange, a cool cherry red or a red-pink pigment on the ends of your hair or just on one part of the head (the bangs if you have any or/and a side of your head). Keep in mind that vivid shades reveal their full pigmentation when applied on light colored hair, so use peroxide to lighten the hair until it gets a blonde shade before you apply the vivacious pigment on. Prevent the hair color from fading by using hair color protection products.

Peek-a-Boo Reds

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The honeys that can’t rock flashes of vivid panel color for whatever reason can turn towards sexy peek-a-boo highlights created using copper to dark cherry reds on their brunette base hair color. These types of highlights are subtler and lean more towards a natural look than to a statement look, so add a reddish hint to your brown hair to make heads turn! Depending on the results you wish to achieve, you can concentrate the thin streaks of color in the front of the hair, like the bangs or on one side of the head if you don’t have a fringe, or you can choose to go a bit bolder and style them all-over. The honeys that display an edgy haircut can opt for a red panel color styled between layers of brown hair, color that will only be revealed by the cut as a stylish colored underlayer.

Mix & Match

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If you’re seeking dramatic results and just can’t decide on just one color, you can mix and match your fave hair color pigments and opt for a multi-tonal highlighted hair. Your options are limitless as you can opt for brown hair with red and blonde highlights, red and green highlights on brown hair, red and copper highlights or any other color combo that comes to your mind. Dare to brighten up your look with the hottest red hair highlights as there’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s not afraid to show off her uniqueness!