Monochrome hair styles can become pretty boring if you decide to sport the same hair tone for long years. However, if you decide to change your do all of a sudden, you might have the chance to become a real hair chameleon and the perfect blueprint to follow.

The secret to stay chic and keep the pace with the evolution of hair styling is to take a closer look at the hair color trends that vary according to the style you wish to adopt be it classy or edgy. These dapper hair color ideas 2011 flash the versatility of colorful hair style that will leave your friends breathless. Fiery shades as red, pink and even blue can be embedded into your look especially if you are lusting after a change in your dull appearance. These are some of the alternatives to consider before diving into the depth of your next hair coloring adventure.

Purple still dominates the fiery hair color trends. The subtle and mysterious and at the same time eye-catching impression this shade radiates makes it one of the most sought-after tones on the market. Bold color junkies will be thrilled to stain their locks with this cutting edge hue which looks just stunning when paired both with blonde, brunette as well as black locks. If you decide to quit sporting your natural hair tone and wish to make a righteously dramatic change, go for purple hair color, you won’t regret it. In order to preserve the spotless look of your brand new look make sure you either ask for the assistance or advice of a pro hair colorist or visit an A-list salon and leave the place with a smashing new hue. Choose one from the endless shades of this color to achieve the purple haze you were craving for.

The infinite tones of red in their uniform allure or paired with other shades in stylish highlights help you take hair coloring to a higher level. If you were always impressed by the vision-pleasing effect of both lighter and bright or pastel and more profound red hues, you’ll have the chance to choose from the hair color designs as presented above. Explore the pleasure of wobbling between the extremes of super–illuminating shades as well as colors that can add depth to your hair tone. Choose from the stylish hair colors and strip off all your shyness and inhibitions to guarantee the success of your makeover.

If you wish to sport the hottest looks of the next season, it would be wise to take a glimpse at the hair coloring examples as presented above, options which offer you the best insight on how the various complexion tones as well as base hair shades work in the same combo with a smashing hue. As illustrated above, you can go for a partial hair dyeing which can help you rock the transition from neutral to bright hair colors. On the other hand, you can also boost the prominence of your locks with a glam radiant shade as blue or pink which will definitely keep your admirers on their toes. In order to guarantee the success of your stylish beauty project make sure you appeal to the help of pro hair gurus who’ll know what products and shades to use in order to make your appearance even more mesmerizing.