It’s never too early for a styleover and the detail to start paying more attention to is your hair. For the cold season hairstyles tend to lean more towards natural, so take a peek at the following cute winter hairstyles for 2012 – 2013 and revamp your look to perfection. These cute winter hair styles aim to provide the right amount of style, comfort and freshness and that’s why we’re so keen on this trend as fabulous looking hair doesn’t have to be sophisticated, so depending on your hair length, have a peek at the following styles and recreate your faves whenever you have the chance.

Luscious length loving honeys can definitely flash a smile as medium and long hairstyles benefit from the highest level of versatility in styling, so dare to play with your natural hair texture as well as with various braiding styles and ponytails. Braiding or plaiting the hair enables you to achieve a sophisticated look in minutes, so test different braiding techniques on sleek to curly hair as the result will still look as sexy as ever. Loose & low side swept ponytails fall right into the cute hairstyles for 2013 area and add a bit of a playful and romantic allure to the look, so whenever you need a 5 minute everyday hairstyle go for the stylish ponytail!

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Natural hair textures are universally flattering and suitable for all hair lengths, so dare to polish to perfection your short crop, sexy midi or long hair by pairing your length with groomed wintery curls, tousled waves and sexy, voluminous sleek & glossy locks. Keep in mind however that if you’ve got frizzy wavy/curly hair, it’s best to avoid straightening it and exposing yourself to snow as the result can be disastrous: your locks might pouf-up! Glam meets grunge, angelic loose curls, curly curls or slightly tousled hair styles are perfect winter hairstyles for long hair, so test these 2012- 2013 hairstyle trends and experience their beauty boosting powers!

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Are you dressed to impress? Then you definitely have to opt for an equally sizzling hair style and our advice: up styles. These cute winter hair styles have a certain glamor and effortlessness attached and styling won’t take forever, on the contrary, these are super easy styles to achieve with just a hair elastic, a few bobby pins and hairspray, so pull your hair into a top knot, a messy bun, a low bun, a ballerina bun or a stylish disheveled bun paired with hair twists or braids as all these easy-wear hairstyles provide a pretty update for your style. Keep in mind that up styles will expose your ears to the cold, so protect them with earmuffs, so you can look chic and feel comfortable!

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