Say goodbye to uber-elaborated styles and embrace something looser and softer! Our new hair crush? These oh-so-gorgeous and cute boho hairstyles that will get you looking achingly lovely and flirty. We’re head over heels with the effortless and incredibly irresistible feel that these ‘dos add to our appearance. Oh, and with the party season just around the corner, there’s no better time to reinvent our hair and opt for a slightly different approach. Forget super-glam and get ready to try some seriously romantic and pretty boho styles.

When it comes to a night out or a special event, you don’t need to go excessively elegant and choose instead a relaxed yet chic ‘do. We’ve seen lots of beautiful starlets on the the red carpet rocking some bohemian waves with a polish or some utterly adorable milkmaid braids. So, if you’re more into sassy tresses, why not use your curling iron and create loose waves? After making the curls, brush the waves out a little and then apply some mousse. You can also try a stylish half-up by creating braids for the ultimate boho effect.

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Therefore, we all agree that a well-chosen hairstyle can transform your appearance instantly. You only have to discover a ‘do that flatters you the most and suits your features! And with so many styling options, finding the right boho ‘dos for you should be more than simple. Curls, waves, twists, plaits… Oh, but we absolutely love braids. Make them work for you trying something a little bit more special. Have a nosey at these oh-so-cool styles and get inspired!

Did someone say milkmaid braids? But how pretty is this look? Not to mention that it is extremely hot. Why? Because it reveals the neck and therefore making everything sexier and more appealing. And even though they might seem impossible to master, trust us, with just a few easy tips and tricks you’ll be able to get stunning braids without too much effort. You just have to practice and you’ll achieve the look in no time. And there are so many techniques you can use to plait your tresses!

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Long tresses are not your thing? Oh, but you shouldn’t worry as there’s always a saving solution for everyone. Besides, if you want to turn heads in a room full of elegant, sleek and perfectly polished ‘dos, you should definitely choose from the wide range of cute boho hairstyles that seem to work perfect for special events as well. There’s something about these ‘dos that makes you look just like a fairytale-like princess. So, give your look a romantic touch and get the party started!

A loose braid screams romanticism all the way especially when it is messy and with a few flyaways! Therefore, opt for a relaxed braid or for plaited pigtails and get ready for a sexy and playful entrance! Or, if you have enough time, you can also have fun creating some bouncy curls combined with a few flirty mini-braids. However, if you’re not so much into plaiting, a tousled low ponytail can easily do the trick. Oh, and if you choose to backcomb it, the pony is a great sexy choice for an evening look. Check out these cute boho hairstyles and give a jaw-dropping flare to your locks!

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