People with curly hair are very fortunate because they can style their hair in so many ways without too much hassle. They have a variety of options: to leave their hair naturally curly, to straighten their hair, pull the hair up if the length allows it. When we think about curly hair the words cute, funny, gorgeous and angel come to mind. It is because these angel curls contribute to a very delicate and lovely look. There is a variety of curly hair types ranging from tight cork screw curls to very loose curly hair. No matter the type of curls one has, if the hair is cut right, the hairstyle will look absolutely adorable.

Layers cut throughout curly hair are a great way to add movement and give the right bounciness to the curls. Also the layers will relieve some of the extra weight of the hair making it receive a little bit more volume allowing the hair to be styled in place much easier.

Short curly hair is the easiest hairstyle to maintain and style. It looks great and very trendy since short hairstyles have become so popular. You can go as short as you wish with your hairstyle, as short as you feel comfortable. Super short curly hair looks great especially on women with a well shaped and proportioned head, women who are powerful and confident.

short curly hair

Medium curly hair looks great only if the hair is cut right in order for the curls to sit in place correctly and stylishly. All you need is a little bit of mousse or curl enhancer product to define and sculpt the curls. You can leave your hair down or you can pull it up into a puffy ponytail and you’ll look gorgeous.

medium curly hair medium curly hairstyles

Long curly hairstyles are the most versatile curly hairstyles because of the hair’s length, but they also require higher maintenance. This type of hair length looks great with all types of curls if the hair is layered right. There is a variety of layering techniques in order to obtain different results. Long curly hair will need styling products like mousse or curl enhancers to define and shape the curls into the desired shape.

curly hair long curly hair

Curly hair does indeed look great and it creates a certain angelic appearance. This is why a lot of women are turning towards getting perms. Whether your hair has tight or loose curls, it doesn’t really matter because, if styled right, the hair will look gorgeous.

TIP: Find a good hairdresser who knows how to cut and style curly hair in order to get the best out of your curly locks.