When it comes to curly hairstyles, it is important to first learn how to take care of curly hair as this type of hair “molds” almost by itself very easily. There are some specific rules to follow, rules that can only be applied on this type of hair. Remember that it is important not to brush curly hair and use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the hair. After you wash it, you can even style it using just your fingers. It is totally true that curly hair needs extra attention especially when brushing it as it can easily break. In order to avoid awful mornings with super-wild hair, you should begin the care routine in the moment you start washing your curly hair. Use mild shampoos and conditioners that are also nourishing as you want to avoid that curly hair becomes dry. If you can, avoid blow drying curly hair. An appropriate hair care will now allow you to proceed to a better styling. Even if it sounds rather unbelievable, curly hair is versatile, and you can play with it in order to get different looks. You just need imagination, some styling skills, and an anti-frizz product that will help you handle the curls easier.

Naturally curly hair has always been sexy without any special effects. Therefore, loose curly hair with well-defined curls can look amazing. Curly hair can be styled with a side parting or with a natural, middle part. The natural parting is the one running right down the center of one’s head. The side parting is rather glamorous. Or, if you want a wilder hairstyle and the hair texture allows you to, style curly hair without parting.

Curly hair with bangs sounds rather impossible. In fact, bangs on curly hair look gorgeous offering a sweet, yet wild touch. If you think of getting bangs cut on your curly hair, pay a lot of attention as they should be done perfectly in order to have a beautiful appearance even when you don’t have enough time to style them. You can also play with styles and get straightened bangs once in a while and keeping the rest of your hair curly.

Straightening your curly bangs can be a tricky business that requires some time and patience. But the result will be chic and unique. You just need a straightening cream, a brush and a blow dryer. Or, simpler, you can use a hair straightener. Bangs for curly hair work great on long, but also on shorter hair.

Curly hair allows you to give a romantic feeling to a simple, basic updo if you leave a few tendrils loose around your face. A romantic look is easy to achieve, you just need to gather your hair in the back creating an untidy bun shape and secure it using hair pins. Practically, almost every hairstyle that works on straight hair can work on curly hair too. A basic ponytail is the easiest thing to do especially if you have thick curly hair. Start by pulling your hair back and secure it into a low ponytail. Make sure you leave it a little bit loose. As a special effect, take a lock of hair and wrap it around the base of the pony, or better, you can wrap a silk ribbon. A top knot or a half updo could also look great with curls.

Short hairstyles totally transform your face as they enhance the beauty of your facial traits and sometimes they can be even more sophisticated than long hair. When choosing a short hairstyle you need to take into consideration several important things such as your face shape or hair type and texture. Even though most stylists recommend that curly hair is cut with 2-3 cm above the chin, there are certain short hairstyles that look absolutely amazing on curly hair. The secret stands in alternating hair layers in different sizes.