Make your shade pop like the newest professionally-inspired looks. Visit your fave hair salon or use only high quality dyeing products and tools for your homemade makeover. In order to find the most flattering shade, it is wise to ask a professional colorist. These specialists will know how to bring out the most of your eye, skin and hair color.

Opt for one of these creative hair highlights to stay up-to-the-minute with the speed of light development of hairdressing. Regular trims paired with a gorgeous new shade will secure the versatility and flawless condition of your tresses. Feast your eyes on the uptown hair coloring alternatives presented below.

Purple Hair Highlightsby Martin CreanBlonde Hair Highlightsby Steve RobertsonRed Hair Highlightsby EssensualsPurple Hair Highlightsby Killer Hair

Introduce subtle sex-appeal and versatility into your mini, long or midi crop using one of these inspiring transformation ideas. Let tinted locks spread all over the head speak for your refined fashion-sense. Definition and volume can be obtained in an instant if you’re not afraid of sporting a multi-tonal hair color. For a sharp and edgy effect sport vibrant and unconventional shades like purple, pink or green. On the other hand, some are impressed by natural-looking hair transformations. In this case rely on the wow impact of blonde, brunette or red highlights. Pick your favorite color palette according to your mood and personality.

Lovely Hair Highlightsby RushBlonde Hair Highlightsby SankeRed Hair HighlightsWeb CollectionRed Hair Highlightsby Loreal

And that’s not all, you can also fuse more shades into a dapper composition. Don’t get stuck in a style rut by rocking only one single shade. Use your creativity to team up two colors and your natural base color. The result of your new year makeover will be simply breath-taking. Trust your beauty skills and dye your locks at home or you can also hit the road to find an uptown hair salon which provides you with professional assistance.

Red Hair Highlightsby Hooker and YoungRed Highlightsby Mark LeesonPink Hair Highlightsby RushBlonde Hair Highlightsby Hooker and Young